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Mike's review


I just read the script review of Kill Bill by Mike it sounds excellent!

What did u guys think of it??

Not i get why QT wants to publish a novel

a) its huge

b) the prose-style that is not ideal for scripts.

Its cool that he could include Bonnie the nurse but it would of been cooler if there was someone like The Wolf or something or even Mr. Pink who got out of jail. Something like that would of been cooler but im not really complaining.

I dont know how the BLEEPING will sound in the movie. One thing im worried about.


The review was good, but I was hoping for a little more insight than it gave. Im beginning to feel like a dope fiend about this film. I want MORE MORE MORE!

QT is like a kid in a candy store. Only the candy store in this case is the world of pop culture and film. Damn cool.

Each of QTs films are hybrids of film genres. In Reservoir Dogs we had the hybrid of a heist film and a french new wave film. In Pulp Fiction we had a hybrid of new wave crime/spaghetti western/blaxploitation/exploitation. In Jackie Brown we had the hybrid of blaxploitation/Elmore Leonards world. Now in Kill Bill we will have the hybrid of revenge/70s kung fu/spaghetti western/exploitation/comic books and more.

  • Bonnie The Nurse is a character that transcends QTs film Universes? I didnt know that. From what I heard The Wolf is the only character that can go between QT Universes.

  • The prose in the script is excellent. I love the way QT writes. He has to be the best screenwriter out there.

  • The bleeping out of the name is cool IMO. It has a quality I think will add to the B movie style QT wants for Kill Bill.

  • Split screen ala Brian DePalma. Now all QT fans know Brian DePalma is one of QTs most favorite directors. Its very cool that hes utilizing some of DePalmas film techniques. :slight_smile: Cant wait to see how he uses it.

  • The comic book bubble over The Brides head: Interesting and cool, it looks like QT is doing a continuation of the square box Mia creates in Pulp Fiction outside Jackrabbit Slims.

  • The references to spaghetti westerns and Shaw Bros kung fu films, shows that QT knows exactly what kind of action shots he wants from the fight scenes. Very cool indeed. Cant wait to see them put together on screen.

  • The comment about QT getting the film cut due to violence and exploitative elements: I think since QT is a  film scholar, he knows before hand, how much violence is acceptible in a film. I think he knows how far he can go anyway. But then again, this time, he wont be cutting away while people get killed and beaten in this. Its gonna be graphic as hell, thats for sure. So I hope the film doesnt get cut for violence. Hopefully it will be right on the edge of R and NC-17.

    QT will not wuss out on the Revenge storyline either. All those revenge films we’ve watched over the years where we get a wussy type revenge movie (Patriot Games, Payback, Hard To Kill)…with QT, hes not gonna stop short. He will go as far as he can for us film geeks. I bet Kill Bill will make The Crow look like a comedy when it comes to revenge. :wink:

Yeah i definately want more!! I think when Seb gets the script im gonna wanna read it ALL!!

I really like the fact now that Tarantino will release Kill Bill as a novel!! Im definately gonna read that.

The referrence to the bubble is really cool i think. Exactly like the square Uma makes in Pulp Fiction. It’s like a bit out of reality its excellent.

Hopefully Mike who said he will write more reviews will give more info. but i like the fact that we now got to see some experts from Tarantino’s writing not what the characters speak.


Very nice script review, but I agree that a little more fight scene detail would have been nice.

also, after reading that the final fight between The Bride and Bill is a little short and maybe a bit of an anti-climax, I have a question: Is the fight really brutal? Does Bill kick major ass in this fight before being disposed of?

I’d like to know more about Bill’s character and how bad ass he really is in terms of the written word in the script.

check out that email adress at the bottom of the review. that’s mike’s. don’t spam him, don’t blackmail him. treat him nice, and he’ll answer your questions ;D

Thanks guys for reading the review. How would you feel if every week, I submitted a more in depth review of each chapter? This way, I can get really specific.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the review. Id definitely like to hear more about the characters in the film. I dont wanna know all the film geek surprises.  I dont wanna know every single thing, but id like a synopsis of what each chapter deals with, maybe a minor spoiler from each one would be enough. If you could do that, it would be great.

Stay Kool n the Gang

Hey guys, just sent Sebastian my review of the first section of the script, The Prologue. It’s only about five pages of the whole script. My review is just as long. I hope this provides more insight. My goal with this is to write more specifically about the chapters because I know I missed alot of great stuff in the first review.

Hey it was a good review man!!

I only have one problem:

You should of included the first monologue the Bride gives since we know the one on page 5 ever since Harry reviewed the script. So try to:

a) fit it in there somehow or,

b) post it here or,

c) e-mail to me :slight_smile:

Stay cool and i cant wait for Chapter 1 which is simply and weirdly titled “2”


thanks for the comments. Its with these comments that I this series of reviews should be improving over time. However, I’ll probably still review chapter 1 next time but really wanna review chapter 5 for you guys soon. These reviews don’t have to come in order, do they? I might send Sebastian the reviews earlier on but he’ll decide when to post it. Since its like over a year till the movie comes out, maybe he’ll be more comfortable with posting a review every month or something. But its alot of fun. After the reviews, I still wanna keep writing about it. Maybe I’ll start a series of very critical analysis reviews for each chapter. I don’t know. We gotta get something to fill the time. Is anyone going to Cannes next year? Oh, here’s the first monlogue, its a spoiler. It comes when we see all the victims at the wedding and the Bride briefly describes each one except for this one:



That’s Arthur. Arthur Plympton.

The name on his driver’s license

was Charles Arthur Plympton, but

for some reason he preferred Arthur.

Maybe if he went by Charles people

would have called him Charlie. If

that was his reason for going by

Arthur I can understand it. Nothing

wrong with the name Charlie, except

he didn’t look like a Charlie, he

looked like an Arthur.

Obviously you’ll have to take my

word on this. Speaking of names, I

was about two seconds away from

becoming Mrs. Charles Arthur


Sebastian, tell me if its alright what I’m doing. I don’t wanna give away too much but I wanna keep the fans happy.

Does anyone know which of Quentin’s Universes Glorius Bastards takes place in. It would be cool if in the course of GB, we got see a little bit with Butch’s grandfather and the gold watch.

Alright, I’m gonna review chapter one and five, send em to Sebastian and it’ll be up to him when to post them.

Do you have anything you want me to cover in these reviews? And how much do you want me to keep secret?

I wish Sebastian posts these reviews every 2 weeks or something. A month seems like a long time and since there are 10 chapters to review then what, 10 months?? I dont know. It seems like a long time.

Thanks a lot for the first monologue Mike. It’s cool.

I think that we should have polls for the content of the reviews and maybe even one for the time-intervals between the reviews.

It would be cool to see Butch’s grandfather have a role in GB but i dont know. Its 2nd World War so it might be possible coz the grandfather was in 2WW and the father was in Vietnam (i think).

What universe is Kill Bill in? Maybe its a stupid question but then its easier for u guys to answer so could u please?

I wish to see more extracts from the script in future reviews and maybe Mike u should consider writing character analysis on major characters like Bill, The Bride, Budd etc.

Stay Cool,


Glorious Bastards takes place in the REAL WORLD Universe or the same world RD, PF and TR take place in.

Kill Bill takes place in QTs MOVIE MOVIE Universe, where From Dusk Till Dawn or Natural Born Killers took place. In the MOVIE MOVIE Universe, anything can happen (and usually does). This means having supernatural characters as well (like Pai Mei or the vampires in FDTD).

As for reviewing the script. What about in each chapter review, you quote a few great lines from the script, and a synopsis of the chapter (what it deals with, a few clues of what we can expect)?

Anything you review Im gonna read regardless. I just wanna hear more about the film. :slight_smile:

woah woah woah. stop your horses fellas!!

we have June 2002 now. Kill Bill will be out around October 2003. thats more than a year. if we start posting ever great line from the movie, it’s gonna escalate and in a few weeks the script will be known by everyone, kill bill will flop at the box office and i will get sued by Miramax.

it’s allright what mike is doing, but I still have responsibility as webmaster and you HAVE TO understand my position. I can not, will not, and do not want to post reviews that include too much spoiling. it’s allright if Mike includes one of two lines, just to back his statements and so on, but I will clearly edit those reviews if they are going too far.

pleae folks, be patient, i know how hard it is, i myself want to watch Kill Bill immediately, but now it’s 21st century and the internet just spoils that movie so much in the end we don’t like it anymore.

ride slow, cowboys. be happy about those reviews, and some news and info from time to time, but don’t expect being spoiled all over, here.

everybody be cool, you: be cool

Yeah your right Seb. The internet is a blessing AND a curse sometimes. Its funny because I usually never read script reviews. Kill Bill is the ONLY one Im interested in. I cant help it. As Harry Knowles would say “That evil damn Quentin!!”. Hey, Im glad as hell theres a filmmaker out there that excites me this much about watching movies. Theres noone like QT these days. Hes a one of a kind. We have a long time until Kill Bill comes along, so, lets keep chatting and watching movies until then. I definitely dont wanna know EVERY single detail about Kill Bill. Keep the reviews exciting, but dont give it all away.

Yeah i guess im with Vic and Seb here. Even though i wanna know much more than i know now i would still like to be surprised when i watch the movie and not sit there and think to myself 'alright lets get to the part when The Bride beats the shit out of…etc. etc.'

I would like to know more but not EVERYTHING even though i still think Q will surprises us regardless hwo much we spoil with reviews i still dont want the whole script to be published unless i get it somehow by myself.

Until then lets Thank God that there is a Quentin Tarantino out there who can boil our blood like this about his new project and just live our lives not devote it to Kill Bill.


If Butch’s dad was in Nam, I think his grandfather was in WWII so it would be cool if he was in GB. As for universe one being the real world, I think its actually more realer than the real world. That’s the way someone else described it for me.

As for the reviews, I don’t mind Sebastian editing me as I do get a bit overzealous and he’ll be the one to decide when the reviews get posted. One every week is too often.

I also think that one week is too often but one every 2 weeks … maybe not huh? I dont know. I think you should review all the chapters and withing 3 months we should have all the reviews. Then maybe u should move on on the characterasations and that shuold be once a month so we have a month dedicated for one character. THerefore we fill in the gaps and we know more about the character who people like me and Vic want to know more of.


Hi everybody.

Being new and all, I wonder where I can find Mike’s review of the script and the prologue.

I see all these reactions here but not the review itself.

thanx a bunch!

Its not posted on the forum my man.

Go to the NEWS section of and scroll down until you see the links to both reviews.

Welcome to the Board :slight_smile:


yeah, welcome to the gang!!! be cool! thats where you go to. there’s a big Kill Bill news ticker at the main page.

you can find alll stuff there. if you have trouble finding something email me or ask here.

the forum is accessible at but ARTICLES ARE NOT POSTED HERE (this goes to vic and all others READ THE BOARD RULES).


Kill BIll kicksssssssssss assssssssssss