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The coke in the film was very real.I loved Uma’s character, she seemed so innocent and her dancing was very enjoyable. My reason for saying this being how she has inspired my book, I have been writing for over a year now. The main two characters being a daughter named Mia and a Mother married to a husband(completely faithfull in all ways) named Raul…the story I am asking for information on if any body wonders if Uma would mind such a book to be real. The main plot is how The Mothers daughter is discovering closely her soul and they are on a covert opperation that inclueds Mia to behave as a boy child in an exclusive grouping of young men, this group being culturally diverse(lucky for spell check, me.)And it is also having much to do with I-ching. So my point here being that I wish to say in the house their is a pricy poster of Poisen Ivy as well as a painting Of Mia…there is no place to ask this or postal p.o. box to ask permission for the uses of these items.I love Uma’s beauty in Pulp Fiction and that is all…My, young Mia in the book is an asassin in training and so we all wonder over Fox force Five, When they all got along somehow…there had to of been a woman behind the man that was teaching them? no?

You are a really really confusing person. And a little too spiritual for a Quentin Tarantino forum.

who is this guy?

who is this guy?