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Mexico Flu Sparks Worldwide Fear

Mexican authorities have taken drastic measures to contain a new strain of the swine flu virus that has killed 81 and prompted fears of a global pandemic.

If there was any threat of pandemic, I would have thought they’d shut the airports by now.

There are 8 confirmed cases of this Swine Flu on the other side of San Antonio from me.

If there was any threat of pandemic, I would have thought they’d shut the airports by now.

Yeah, or at the very least close the U.S./Mexico border. I guess nobody looks like a hero for fixing a small problem. Gotta let it become a catastrophe before anybody steps in.

Oddly enough Donald Rumsfield is a key figure behind Tamiflu, which is what’s going to be given to people to help prevent contracting the Swine Flu. Back in 1976 he did this exact same thing. Scared America into taking his vaccine. The vaccine was contaminated and killed 52 people.

The oddest part is that everbody’s saying this is a brand new strain of the virus. It mixes human, pig, and bird viruses and nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Yet they’re convinced that dosing everyone with Tamiflu is gong to work.

Here’s the evidence.

Awww, look at the glasses. :-*

The bird flu, and now the swine flu… Soon we will have the fish flu.

There are 8 confirmed cases of this Swine Flu on the other side of San Antonio from me.

Hope nothing happens to you and yours. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Ordell Rodriguez”]
Hope nothing happens to you and yours. :slight_smile:

No. There is no outbreak here, but in Comal county, they’ve shut down all the schools, and I heard on the radio this morning that they’re trying to close day-care facilities. The first swine flu death in Texas occurred there yesterday. A child.

This is a little scary, but, the flu virus is always mutating, trying to survive. This strain is swine, mixed with bird and human flu. We have a better shot at preventing mass death now than they had last time there was an influenza epidemic, in 1917. We’ve got medicines to treat the symptoms, and just like the virus adapts to survive, so do our bodies. I just really hope they get this under control now.


Holy shnizzle.

Just imagine how this will affect the box office numbers if it gets worse. No one will be able to see Basterds!

How in the world could Comal county be Houston?

Anyway, just got a call from my daughter’s school. They’ve canceled all end of the year field trips and concerts. The teachers are not shaking hands with the students like they normally do when they greet them every morning, and they are trying to keep the students from touching each other. They are making the kids wash their hands between every class, and using hand sanitizer. The janitors are going around all day sanitizing door knobs and water fountains, and also the buses are being sanitized everyday. This is insane. Good, but insane.

More people died in knife fights in Mexico City last week than from the swine flu. Just look at the numbers - we’re talking about 20 million people and at best 200 will die from it - percentage-wise that’s really not much.

I remember when everyone was afraid of the bird flu…remember that? Yeah, in China 85 people died and there are a billion fucking chinamen over there…so what’s that percentage?

It’s just something the media can use to scare us. Now all of those retards at FOX news are blaming it on loose borders and “illegal” immigrants. Funny thing is that some American kids on vacation brought it over here.

Yeah between 30,000 and 40,000 people die every year in America from the “regular” flu… Yet we still manage to get on with our lives even though we face death every day between Nov and March. 1 death from swine flu in the US isn’t that big of deal in the larger scheme of things. I’ve also noticed how the media keeps failing to mention that that poor child had underlying medical conditions that could have affected its ability to fight off the disease.

And you’ve gotta remember those swine flu numbers are people who are “suspected” to have died due to the swine flu. They’ve only actually confirmed a handful of them.

Whatever it takes to get everybodys minds off the economy I guess.

[quote]Whatever it takes to get everybodys minds off the economy I guess.[/quote]

Oh no now they’re doing stories on how the swine flu could affect the economy. Double the overeaction Double the ratings!

ha ha The Mexicans! “Even when it was the bears I knew it was them”!!!

These fucking douchebags are blowing this shit way out of proportion. There are 20 million Mexicans living in Mexico City, and only a few people have actually died because of the “pig flu”. I think it is safe to say that USA is substantially cleaner than Mexico (don’t drink the water, can’t flush toilet paper) so I’d bet that the percentage of Americans getting the “pig flu” will be much lower than that of their less hygenic Mexican counterparts.

bring the pain boys, bring the pain ;D

You know, surprisingly, my fox news conservative talk radio station is actually talking about how people are overreacting to this.

Here’s a pretty good article detailing who’s gonna profit the most off of this Pandemic Hoax. It also talks about the Rumsfeld connection to this and the last swine flu outbreak and how he’s behind the drug that will more than likely make things worse.

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Oh yeah, Rumsfeld’s been planning this for like 20 years.

Overhype. Thank god. Me and a friend were talking about it, half of us was happy to be right about it being blown way out of proportion, the other was just happy it wasn’t as bad as it was played up to be.