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Merchandise and transcripts?

Does anybody know any websites where I can get merchandise (mainly t-shirts, but anything other than posters are cool) from QT’s films other than Kill Bill? I recently became a fan, and there doesn’t really seem to be a lot of stuff out there from his other movies (From Dusk Till Dawn and Pulp Fiction are my favourites) . Also, does anyone know of a site taht has transcripts of any interviews QT has done? I’m mostly interested in the one where he was supposedly drunk on Leno. Any help is appreciated.



[quote]…Also, does anyone know of a site that has transcripts of any interviews QT has done?[/quote]

I don’t mean to be rude, but… ever heard of


dont know if this has been brought up, but is there anywhere on the net that i can get the actual Kill Bill Volume 1 script used for teh movie, not the one the long-ass one that has parts not in the movie? i wanna know wut the sheriff is saying in that one scene, i could not understand half the shit he said

LOL, that’s being being rude, that’s making me feel like an ass. blush Obvioulsy I’ve heard of it, although I didn’t realise there were transcripts on here. I’ve been here a few times and went through a few interviews, I just never paid attention to transcripts though. Thanks.