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Maximum Payola/They Ride Hard As Hell

…I’ve got millions of ideas for movies that I GUARANTEE would make a lot of money for the movie industry. While my material is written in short story form it is written with cinema in mind. Here’s a brief outline of a crime drama I wrote with George Clooney, Daniel Baldwin and Jack Nicholson in mind:

MAXIMUM PAYOLA (Read the entire piece here: )

George Westwood is a pistol-carrying no-nonsense car mechanic who’s had enough. (I see George Clooney playing this role as a Lee Van Cleef-like tough guy.) He’s a man on fire with only one thing on his mind: revenge. Bob St. Alexander (Daniel Baldwin), a lowlife none-too-bright coke-head/coke-dealing Vancouver attorney who doesn’t care who he screws over set Westwood up like a chump, burning him and his two partners for half-a-million scorching hot bucks. St. Al’s with the V-Mob, a Vancouver-based crime syndicate of shady lawyers and justice system officials which includes Frank Powell, the Chief Justice of the province’s Supreme Court (Jack Nicholson in a wicked cameo). Westwood found out the hard way parking his cash with the syndicate for safekeeping was a big mistake. St. Al took his cut and what was left was absorbed by a criminal money laundering enterprise known as Gordon Coopers & Associates, led by Michael Varmecken, a coldblooded white collar ghoul (Regis Philbin in a dramatic turn). But St. Al’s crooked ways are finally catching up with him. He’s in trouble up to his eye sockets and he’s on the run. While St. Al and his receptionist girlfriend C.C. Jacker (Britney Spears) set sail in St. Al’s about-to-be-repossessed yacht to hide out at a luxurious island estate owned by the V-Mob, the syndicate is undertaking a monstrous maneuver of its own. Michael Varmecken and an attorney called Nick Harris (Sean Penn) have masterminded the biggest move of their careers. Gordon Coopers is on the verge of seizing a major Canadian financial institution, Bank of Quebec, a move that’ll make them wealthy beyond belief and nobody’s putting up a fight to stop them. One man against the mob, George Westwood is on the hunt to retrieve the money he lost for himself and his partners. George Westwood is in for the toughest hardball fight of his entire life.

The following is an outline for a biker show that is in the can and needs a polish. I’ll put it up on my website within thirty days:


The Devil’s Seven biker gang (actually a five-member outfit due to a collision with the law) led by half-insane junkie Vietnam war vet Hank “Boogieâ€

I like the part where you say that you see George Clooney playing a role in your script. I see Julia Roberts tounging my balls…but I doubt it will ever happen.

I read a little bit of what’s on your site. It’s not bad but you might wanna try breaking up your paragraphs a bit. Giant walls of text aren’t much fun to read.