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"Manos" the Hands of Fate

IMDB says this is one of Tarantino’s favorite movies. Is this true? Does he really own a 35mm print of it? Does anyone know WHY it’s his favorite, (like have an interview about it, links, ect)?


he sais every movie is one of his favorite movies.

^^^ Fuckin w3rd! Tarantino likes every single movie imaginable, be it good, really good, great, or total shit. I mean, I was delighted when I found out that QT was also a big fan of Leone’s films, The Great Escape, and The Professional Golgo 13…but when I heard that he liked insert every other bad movie that you can think of I was like hmmmmm. And QT is a “genre fan”, meaning he loves just about every single genre of film that there is and every famous genre director. So while I still think it’s awesome that so many cult films that I loved are also favorites of Tarantino’s, saying that you share a favorite film with Tarantino is kind of pointless because just about every movie ever made is his favorite. But even if QT was a horrible director, i’d still have much respect for him for him being such a huge Sergio Leone fan, like myself.

Ah. I just thought it was strange, if what you say is in fact true, that the IMDB trivia would have it written like this:

"Two of Tarantino’s favorite films are ‘Manos’ the Hands of Fate (which he owns a 35mm copy of) and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, which he references in Kill Bill: Vol. 1."

Why that, rather than writing something like you guys have. Why not mention only that he owns a print (if that’s true).

I was wondering more, if anyone had a link of actual proof that he owned a copy. I find it hallarious that someone would own

a 35mm print of that.

[quote]he sais every movie is one of his favorite movies.[/quote]

Does he like ‘Spiceworld’? :-</E>

i bet he laughed his ass off while watching that movie

so somehow he still enjoyed the movie

i downloaden Manos friday (i will not give up my connection :p) and i must say: whoa, one of the biggest pieces of cult ive seen, its number one on alot of top worst movies ever (including imdb), i read like 7 people of the cast commited suicide shortly after the film was completed and that just makes it more interresting, this movie is terrible in such a good way i can enjoy it front to end, the darkness combined with the horrible acting, awefull camerawork and sick locations make this one big pile of PULP, if you ever see it; GET IT, i could watch this over 100 times and not get bored

You have not lived unless you’ve seen MANOS!

Oh, and this one too

if you’re an MST3K fan, it IS a must-see episode. lol…it’d be cool if he did his own version of it

I am lucky enough to have seen this piece of amazingly hilarious shit. It was a year ago atleast since I saw it so I don’t remember much… It’s funnier then most comedies today. It’s even funnier than most comedies from the 70’s and 80’s that I’ve seen. The scene that was supposed to be the opening credits is so creepy, I can’t put my finger on it… and the dude with the weird legs is soooo funny! ;D and I love how half of the time the actors look into the camera. God the actors are so horrible! ;D I wanna buy this NOW! >:( :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to see manos, I heard it’s one of the worst films ever, and I love bad movies.