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Malcolm McLaren Accused Of Plagarism

[color=red]Crazy haired Malcolm McLaren has been accused of plagiarism for allegedly copying the work of a French musician.

The musician known as Lancelot claims that he sent McLaren a tape of his song ‘Smith Ballade’ in 2002; the track was part of an album that Lancelot failed to get off the ground.

Lancelot believes that after sending McLaren his work his song was subsequently used on the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Kill Bill 2’ under the title ‘About Her’.

He said to the court in Angers, France: "A friend told me that the (Kill Bill 2) soundtrack was really like one of my songs. So I bought the CD and what I heard was exactly my song."

According to the song ‘About Her’ is am electro mix featuring samples from 1960’s group The Zombies.

McLaren was not represented in court…obviously doesn’t give a shit.

by Lowri Williams on 12/09/2005

Sorry for MiaRose who love this song, but :o

I hope he didn’t steal the sing because… arrghh I love this song !

agreed, great great song at a great great moment in the film, its a perfect match