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Has anyone seen M, its a real old german movie. ive read a few reviews and it sounds pretty good. Im gonna try to rent it.

I expected more from it but it’s still good. Claudia,Seb and others here can give you more recommendations on it.

Here’s a review of the movie.

My personal feelings. It’s one of my favorites from that era. The pacing is great and so is the story line. Well worth renting or owning. Im not sure weither to reccomend subtitles or just going for German, even if you understand it or not.

It’s a great film! Worth watching. In Jean Luc Godard’s ‘Le Mepris’ Fritz Lang says it is his preferred film.

I loved ‘M’. I watched it for the first time not long ago actually. It’s a beautifullly made film. and good entertainment.

it’s a milestone in film history, especially sound-technique wise. One of Fritz Lang’s best films besides Metropolis, I think

im a HUGE Fritz Lang fan, even though i didnt really got the chance to check out his early work (besides M, Metropolis, spione & das testament i only saw his american films from the 40’s and 50’s)

M is probably the best european film i ever saw, especially if youre a Peter Lorre fan like myself, he pulled that off like a charm

even if youre not into flicks from the 30’s you’ll appreciate M, you must sell a lot of early Fritz Lang including ‘M’ and the four hour 'Testament of Dr Mabuse.'

I must dig up my copy of ‘M’ again, I remember being ‘blown away’ by its impact.

alright, ill have to cehck it out then

Just watched both this and Lang’s The Testament of Dr. Mabuse a few nights ago, back to back. I still feel that the latter is a superior movie. Anybody here seen that one?

No I haven’t. Neither have I seen this one down below which is a silent movie lasting four hours:

M is a wonderful movie in my opinion and everyone here should see it.

M is brilliant, before I saw it I had no idea early films could be so inventive, and well shot.

I really want to see Mabuse the Gambler, as I have been catching up on Lang’s earlier works, working my way down to it…

I’m German and M is shown on tv here quite often. :slight_smile:

You can download it for free and legal at

M Is a great movie. If i did a top 50 fav films list it would probably end up around 30.

IMO, M is overrated.

[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
IMO, M is overrated.
What! M is a great movie.

It’s good not great. What’s so special about it?

I think it was way ahead of its time.