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Love Battlefield

Love Battlefield (Hong Kong 2004)

Director: Cheang Pou-Soi

Cast: Eason Chan Yik-shun, Niki Chow Lai-kei, Wang Zhiwen, Qin Hailu, Raymond Wong Ho-yin, Kenny Kwan Chi-bun, Carl Ng Ka-lung

This damn movie almost got me crying. Love Battlefield is great example of modern high quality Hong Kong cinema. It works best if you don’t know anything about it. So, if you have a chance, just go watch it, don’t even finish reading this review. I try to avoid telling anything about the plot because I felt that’s the best way to view this little gem.

Love Battlefield is a nice combination of different genres. It starts as a romantic drama but later turns into a full blooded thriller. When the bloodshes begins it has extra impact because the audience has already fallen in love with the characters. These characters feel like they belong into a drama film but suddenly, without any warning, they are thrown into a violent crime film. The result is that this movie feel more real that movies in crime genre usually do.

The actors are pretty good. Eason Chan does great job in the leading role. Niki Chow, who plays his girlfriend, is okay but nothing really special. Most of other actors are good but some supporting characters feel a bit unnecessary. Love Battlefield has other flaws, too. The script is good overall, but features some old cliches. There’s a couple of predictable scenes that only slow down the movie. Sometimes the intensity is needlessly destroyed by cutting in scenes that lead nowhere.

Despite the flaws the film has a fresh and exciting feel all over it. The execution of some scenes is simply brilliant. Especially the ending is close of being perfect. Also, a great soundtrack adds a lot to the film. Though, it does get a bit underlining at times. Sometimes the film might get a little too emotional for some people’s taste. That didn’t bother me at all. Actually, I feel it’s one of those things that made this film so good. Love Battlefield is highly recommended, especially if you have gotten bored to the typical hk kung-fu flicks and slapstick comedies.

The Film: 8,5/10

Mei Ah R0 dvd is well above average (by hk standards). Anamorphic picture is otherwise good, but has a couple of stains. It’s also a bit dark but that might be intentional. The sound quality is good and a DTS track is included. Subs are okay, too. Extras feature trailer, music videos, data bank, short making of and deleted scenes. Extras are not subtitled.

The DVD: 7/10

Nothing to add, have the same opinion

Except: i thought, the ending is too long. They show too much, could have stop it a little bit before showing all.

Yeah I don’t like the original ending.