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Lots of New Posters

Looking lovely. If this has been posted before, just delete it.

No it wasn’t, these are the “Paris Metro” posters I was telling about in another topic but fortunately these are the original ones in English which means… no bad translation in French. ;D

I can already see the Hans Landa one in my bedroom… I like these ones more than the So-and-So is a Basterd ones way more.

They’re awesome!!

btw ify, that new yahoo trailer site (link is on that empire page), has an HD version. not sure if you can take screenshots from it?

Yes they are the best posters so far in my opinion even if it has the same design as the international poster I hate. I got the chills seeing the one with Melanie wearing a new outfit and a small camera on her hand…that’s fucked up to get the chills from a poster though