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Looking for Avid

i don’t know if this topic will get kicked or not, but it’s worth a shot. i’m absolutely done using adobe premiere. i can’t stand it, i’m ready to rip my hair out.

i’m looking for a cheap way to get my hands on avid. if anyone has it, i’m interested in a trade or just flat out buying. email me at


First look for student technology discount sites that cater to softwares like AVID, then look for the express edition, which should handle everything youre looking for, or even just check amazon dot com and see the deals they got

or just fuck that and buy a mac along with a stick of RAM and final cut express all at student discounts and be set for life! maybe

There’s an free cut-down version of Avid on their website. For Mac and Windows. Navigating through their web page is a bitch so I’m not going to try it again.