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I just started a new Pam Grier forum, so if you are a fan of Pam, stop by and register and start posting your messages.

Pam Grier Forum

i’m starting a list of the forums i visit on the internet, here’s a few

Alex’s site

I changed the title - cps is always the first place I visit now! My old high school mates and I have a private forum where we update each other on what’s happening in college, life, etc. It’s the best way, since everyone is on a different timezone which makes it impossible to use IMs.

Other than that, I have a few others whose ‘life’ (or identity) I try to keep as separate as possible, for certain reasons. I think that if the members of all the forums I visit were to have a gathering, it’ll be a total culture shock. ;D For example (note emphasis on the word example)… being a member of both a holier-than-thou Church forum and a Rob Zombie forum.

I visit about 8 forums all in all (half where I only visit once a fortnight). Heh, forum junkie.

varied celluloid

alex’s forum




This place

pantsmans place

Drhomealone Forum

Film Journal Forum (Little kids make of me! haha :slight_smile:)

And I’m signed onto a yahoo usergroup bout Kitano and his films, I get great up-to-date emails and shit.


This forum

Inglorious Bastards forum

And I think that is it. I am not a forum guy.

this bad boy

darkbuster drunk tank

dropkick murphys


bridge 9

and thats it

I visit this one and mine (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 99&start=0”></LINK_TEXT>), pantsmans, and starks (hahaha starks)

Of course, is my site, and I just changed the forum, the old one was to slow. Anyways. IT ROCKS there’s one place where I can get into arguments about current or historical topics, it’s the historychannel board. black is running a nice little film site there. forum on this site is great. People post up their videos, personal videos, and it’s just all around fun. If the chat room at is getting boring, then head on over to ebaums, the entire forum is one big chat lounge.

Here’s my list.


Linkin Park Underground (My membership hasn’t expired. I’ve got about another five months there.)


A friend’s forum


this place and a knicks forum

[quote]Here’s my list.


Linkin Park Underground (My membership hasn’t expired. I’ve got about another five months there.)


A friend’s forum


take out LPU, and deftonesworld and you got my list

…and of course this one:

;D :wink:


varied celluloid

alex’s forum




who are you on gamefaqs? i’m cross0ver there too, but I just suicided my account.

I don’t have enough time for other forums, however I do check up on the guns n roses forum now and then.

My forum is offline now… I think it is… I havnt been there in a long time, I’ve been busy with my band lately, and man do we kick ass, unlike GnR our singer can sing…

my bands alot like if you put guns and roses and the stone temple pilots to gether… WAIT A SECOND…

Or you can always compare my bands to the crys of two polar bears having sex… that always works.

I visit lots of forums…so many that I forget my username and password on the ones that I don’t visit frequently enough.

This one, (only read, don’t write), (only read, don’t write).