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Lighting Project

Hey my friends and I worked together awhile ago on a lighting project for our school and had to make a short movie but use different kinds of lighting and lighting techniques. I am getting ready for my portfolio and i need some of your thoughts on the work i sent other videos in before and this is another one i am sending in and i just want your thoughts on what you thought and what you think i should do next time i make a movie i am making like atleast 5 more movies to put in my portfolio and i want your input on this cause to me when i make films i am all about lighting and lighting i feel is one of the most important things at least to me, so and thoughts on it is good so i know what to do i am finishing off my last year of high school. here is the video

btw i know the movie really has no plot or anything i actually wanted to make a better story and make it actually kind of make since but my other partners didnt want to bother cause of release dates and just said the project focuses on lighting we really dont need a good story and i just went along cause i was the only one that made a fuss not a bad one but i was the only want that really wanted it to actually make more since, so sorry i know that will probably be one of the complaints about the film. just to let you know