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Let's have faith guys

Okay so maybe Rourke won’t be playing Stuntman Mike, but think really, really hard on who would be a better choice. Now I love Mickey, he’s my favorite actor, but I can think of one guy who could play the part better, and has experience with Tarantino, and that guy is Michael Madsen. So let’s have faith, and not lash out on another forum just because of the bad news. It’s just imature guys.

Yeah thats exactly who my second choice has been too. He’d make a great villain for this film. QT is the master when it comes to casting, so I know he’ll pick the perfect person…thats IF this news is even true.

It will all work out in the end. I dont think QT will settle for someone he doesnt want. It would suck though if he wanted Rourke and now HAS to cast someone else…

I like this idea, but what about John Jarratt? He was attached to the project in the very beginning.

Rutger Hauer would be great.

Oh man The Rutger! How could I forget him? Having him play Stuntman Mike would be like a throwback to his role in The Hitcher! Awesome!

John Jarret and Rutger Hauer…nah those are two guys I’ve already seen play sadistic serial killers. I’d rather have the Madsen.

What about Mr Blonde, he wasnt a sadistic killer? haha.

Let me rephrase, John Jarret and Rutger Haur have been in movies that are about sadistic serial killers. They’re a main part in the movie. Mr. Blonde is just a sadistic bank robber, so let’s just say I’d rather have a more lenghty version Mr. Blonde.

My vote goes to Rutger Hauer too.

Theyre both great. Only QT knows who would be the best. I still cant believe Mickey Rourke isnt doing this. Id really like to know why not.