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Less than 40 days and no screenings?

It’s suprissing unless there are any soon screenings happening, do you guys know of any?

With QT material, I ain’t surprised by now.

Remember how friggin’ close the deadline was to Kill Bill VOL-2 before press screenings and advertisements finally appeared? I’ve got the same faith in Grindhouse.

why do you need a press screening for a tarantino/rodriguez flick anyways… plus, since when get grindhouse exploitation flicks screened to the press anyways?

about the premiere in Austin:

going to a screening this saturday. but shhhhh keep your mouths shut

Dude you are going to a screening? YOU BASTARD! man you have to give us the details as soon as u get back.

that’s the idea

if u can

bring a camera :wink:

Thats alot for a ticket but Im sure it will be worth it. Have fun.

How much was it?

EDIT: Nvm.

So where is the premier ur going to this saturday?

and when you are done can you post a non spoiler review? Because I don’t want spoilers :frowning:

wtf? didnt you read the script?

wtf? didnt you read the script?


nope I just glanced a bit kinda looked for the pages from the trailers.

my script review is on the wiki… the script is all over the net anyway (at least death proof).

I am not going to a premiere, it’s a press screening. it’s 99.99% sure… I’ll have the review and photos and videos up when I get back from LA I guess. don’t bother me about that now… you’ll see it when I got it

I can’t find the review on wiki, and kk.

and when do you get back from L.A.?

The thing is they are still having a fight over the rating I believe. There is no way its going to get a R so half of America could be in for a let down. I’ll likely have to drive to Memphis to get to see it! If it does make R its going to be a very chopped up version and Im going to be pissed. Dusk Till Dawn would have been NC 17 if not for the “green blood”.

I wonder why so many begged for the script only to say there were not going to read it.

it got an R, check the other threads ,the official websites and the trailers.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ipt_review”></LINK_TEXT>

[quote=“The Seb”]
it got an R, check the other threads ,the official websites and the trailers.

the script review, check out’s main site, there’s a link. and in the wiki just do a search for “review”

Oh man, thats disappointing in a way. They must of had to cut out most of the gore or did some funny colored scenes like black and white Kill Bill. I just saw the TV ad yesterday and it said it was not rated which means they were having to cut scenes to make an R. BLUH!!! I wanted to see the penis hacking scene! I wish there was at least a choice between R and NC 17. Hell, now I’ll be wating for the DVD! Shit, it never ends.

It makes it a little less hard for me, not even able to see the film as one…

chill out guys, the film will be a blast. it’s not like it’s the only film that had ever had to be trimmed a little to receive a rating. it happens all the time…