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Lawrence Bender

I’ve been reading a few bits and pieces about him online and I dont know how to take him. In one article I read he is a bit of a prick and hates Quentin taking most of the credit for his films ( ???) but of course, along with most of the things you read on the net, you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

Anyone heard any other bits of info?

well he seems to be a cool and talented guy. watch Full Tilt Boogie or some special features on Tarantino DVDs. he’s part of QT’s success

Lawrence Bender is the Quentin Tarantino of production

i think he might be right when he hates Quentin for taking all the credit, because he does

Yeah but Quentin is the one who sits down and takes time out to write and pull together a movie. Sorry but I think Mr Bender should be lucky enough he has the honour of working with Quentin. Producers are ten a penny, Quentin is a rare find. Someone else would have discovered him if Larry hadn’t

i think you’re slightly underestimating the importance of a producer. without Lawrence Bender, it’s all too possible that Quentin would still be trying to get his first film made. don’t you find it significant that Quentin couldn’t direct anything until he met Bender? he had sold 2 scripts, but no one wanted him to direct. wasn’t Bender the one that opened that door to him?

Like I said, there are other producers who would have given him a chance. LB is no where near as important or creative as QT

no hes not, but hes essential to complete a movie

without him reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, jackie brown and kill bill wouldn’t be what they are

Quentin is the brick, Bender is the cement

Like I said, there are other producers who would have given him a chance. LB is no where near as important or creative as QT

how can you say any of that? do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

unless you personally know Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino, you can’t comment on how important Bender is, and unless you are in the movie business, you can’t comment on how many other producers would have given a no-name guy who’s work experience consisted of working in a video store the opportunity to direct a movie.

It is my opinion, cheese dick. So wind your neck in. ::slight_smile:

As for LB being the cement? Whatever!

Compared to Quentin, the man is dust.

It’s not a fucking opinion at all. You were just merely speculating. There’s a difference.

Oh here it is

Anyone notice him in From Dusk Till Dawn??

I really appreciate Lawrence Bender. Quentin’s lucky he has a producer like that, because there are many producers who are quite strict and not at all fun. It was funny hearing Lawrence say that It’s really weird that Quentin sometimes acts like more of a producer than he does. QT shoots a scene and doesn’t want to re-shoot it unless it’s very appropriate as it costs $$$, and Lawrence tells him that it’s ok, he can shoot as many times as he wants!

Hey yeah, i watched it a couple of nights ago and it looks like he’s sitting in the diner where you first meet the fulller family.

Hes also in Pulp Fiction.

and KB2

Without Lawrence Bender there would be no “Reservoir Dogs”, Bender is the one who, afterall, gave it the greenlight. That alone makes him worthy in my book.

A world without cool guys with suits and sunglasses walking in slow motion to “Little Green Bag” is a world I don’t want to think about.