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Latest kill bill news!

[size=200]TO EVERYONE READING THIS TOPIC: Kill Bill is out on DVD, there wont be any production news anymore[/size]


This post should deal with most of the Kill Bill news we get.

there are tons of other kill bill posts but try to keep all kinds of stuff related to any new tidbits we know in here.

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I have been visiting the site for a while to keep up-to-date with the Kill Bill news, it is great that there is now a forum. I must confess I am a huge Michael Madsen fan and since some of Michael’s best work was done with Quentin I am very excited that they are working together again. Not just in one but maybe two or even three new movies - woo hoo! Anyway wanted to come in and register and post just to help get things going.

Apart from Reservoir Dogs, True Romance is another favourite of mine.

I know this is the Kill Bill forum so I should talk about Kill Bill I wanted to know has filming actually started yet? Also what does everyone think about David Carradine taking over from Warren Beatty? I must confess to being concerned. But I should just trust Quentin whenever I’ve read about his films in the past I’ve gone what! that sounds bizaare then watched them and gone YES brillant - the man know what he is doing. Anyway just wanted to say hi!

when i found out about David joining the cast I tuned in in to KUNG-FU the tv show and I am now scared. I dont know what Mr. Taranrino sees in this guy but it better be good, i have fath the man. But this movie was getting better and better by the news.

Icant wait for the book and movie. When this movie comes out i hope it blows everyone away. I wonder if there are a lot of people that would wait in line for any Tarantino as much a Star Wars flick, I know i would.

i guess Warren Beatty is no way a Kung Fu man… look at that old fat star.

David Carradine is old indeed, too, but he’s done Martial Arts all his life, he’d be a perfect kung fu mentor or something.

i think quentin knows what he’s doing.

I can’t wait for the book either… i will tell you when i have the script!

Hey Sebastian,

Just wanted to let you know that the guy with Uma in the pic of her samurai training isnt Woo Ping. Its either Sonny Chiba or another samurai trainer. But Ive seen Woo Ping and thats not him, plus Woo Ping is a Chinese guy.

Keep up the good work on your site. Its really cool.

thanks for the tip man!

well i will see if it’s Sonny or someone else… i guess Sonny…

Toothpick Vic is right. That’s not Woo Ping. It’s definitely Shinichi “Sonny” Chiba. I read the original article and it mentions the man and his age. “Chiba Shinichi (63)”.

Great site, man! Keep it up.


I had to come in and defend Carradine.  I just watched Lone Wolf McQuade the other night.  Carradine is fun to watch.

Beatty is not an action star.  Never was and never will be.  I don’t care how good Ping and Chiba are, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks that the dog doesn’t even want to learn anyway.  Carradine is excellent at playing heavy bad guys and has the martial arts past.  Even though that past is not stellar in most people’s opinions, it still gives him an edge when being trained by Ping and Chiba.

Don’t worry about whether or not Carradine will be good or not or about Tarantino losing his mind by casting him.

Trust me, in my gut I know for certain, Carradine will be totally excellent.  He is Bill.

As for Tarantino, he wants us to doubt him.  That just makes it that much better when he delivers one of the most kick a** films in recent times; where all of the actors give stellar performances.

For me, the heavy anticipation began when I learned of Carradine getting cast.  A killer genre actor for a the epic genre movie!  :smiley:

Most of the kung fu movies now are fast pace big bad ass punches and Kicks.

And ten years ago Carradine’s kung fu show was pretty bad, slow

and that was Ten years ago, but i have seen Ping bring out pretty bad ass shit from unsuspected places.

About David Carradine, the guys a legend to film geeks like me. I mean hes 1000X better than a guy like Beatty for the role of Bill. Dont forget QT has the golden touch when it comes to bringing back stars of the past to popular culture. He brought back John Travolta (who was doing those awful Look Whos Talking movies) and made him a star again. He brought back Pam Grier and Robert Forster in Jackie Brown (Forster was nominated for best supporting actor for JB in 1997).

Not to mention Sonny Chiba. Hopefully his performance in Kill Bill will give him a whole new audience and people will go out and buy his older films like The Streetfighter etc. I remember first seeing Sonny Chiba in True Romance, and I went out and got all his Streetfighter films, they are great.

I was just thinking about how Clarence in True Romance was like Quentin’s movie alter ego (right down to the 50s style shirts and Hawaiian shirts QT wears). Clarence loved Sonny Chibas movies in the film. Now, hes gonna be in QTs new film. Then in Pulp Fiction Jules says hes going to “walk the Earth like Caine in Kung Fu” now Caine himself is going to play Bill in the new movie. Pretty cool connections. :slight_smile:

I just found a couple new connections to the Kill Bill script:

  • One of the films chapter titles is entitled “The Blood Splattered Bride”. There is a b horror film called “The Blood Spattered Bride”.

    -In the VO by The Bride in Harry Knowles’ script review, she states “…I went on what the movie advertisements refer to as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge…” There is a 1971 B-film called “Bury Me An Angel” about a girl out for revenge the tagline reads “A Howling Hellcat Humping A Hot Steel Hog On A Roaring Rampage Of Revenge!”.

  • At the beginning of the 1982 Arnold Shwarzenegger film “Conan The Barbarian” there is a quote that says:

    “That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger” - Friedrich Nietzche.

    In the Kill Bill script, Bill tells The Bride that Pai Mei is “Nietzche’s psalm personified, if he doesnt kill you he will make you stronger.”

there are so much rumours around, i wanna clear up some:

BILL IS NOT THE BRIDE’S HUSBAND!!! Bill shoots the Bride at her wedding, but it’s not their wedding! The Bride’s husband is shot, too!!

Bill is more or less her Boss (and the father of her child).

Some sources on the net still say, Bil is her pimp and she’s a whore, that wrong too, Kill Bill is about Assassins, not whores.

I’ll post a complete story outline when i’ll have read the script.

Hey toothpick that’s some cool connections u found!

I think that with this movie there will be lots of stuff taken from older movies especially kung fu!


Well from what Ive heard Kill Bill is going to be chock full of references to older B films and Exploitation films.

We already know “The Bride” will be wearing Bruce Lee’s yellow suit from Game Of Death (his last released film).

We know that Elle Driver has only one eye. This could be a reference to the 1974 female revenge film “They Call Her One Eye” (one of the main influences to Kill Bill) and/or to Patch, the one eyed chick in Switchblade Sisters (One of QTs films released on Rolling Thunder Pictures).

Yeah, yeah definately. Tarantino is already succeding in making us connect his movie with the 70s stuff and we hardly know anything about Kill Bill except the basic plot and some quotes.

I would like to roudn up all the movies i can to see them before Kill Bill so i can probably enjoy it more.


Heres a list of some of the films you can look for at the video store. These are a few of the films that inspired Kill Bill:

The Beyond (1981) Exploitation Horror- Gore

Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan (1982) Sci fi - Revenge

The Chinese Connection (1972) Kung fu - Revenge

Day Of Anger (1969) Spaghetti Western

They Call Her One Eye aka Thriller (1974) - Exploitation Female Revenge

Bury Me an Angel (1971) - Exploitation Female Revenge

Coffy (1973) - Blaxploitation- Female Revenge

Ms. 45 (1981) - Exploitation Female Revenge

Rolling Thunder (1977) - Exploitation Drama Revenge

Thank u very much for that list Vic!

Sadly im very doubtfull about any of those movies beign in my local video store coz i like in Cyrpus and shit and i doubt i will get these movies. I hope anyway.

Thanks again.


Okay, so Kill Bill doesn’t take place in the same universe as Pulf Fiction. Only The Wolf can jump between both universes.

But in the script to Kill Bill, there is a black Nurse named Bonnie that attends to people that can’t risk going to a hospital. The only thing is her last name is Owens and not Dimmick like it was in Pulp Fiction. However there is a street name, “Dimmick” in Kill Bill. So maybe it doesn’t hurt that chapter 5 was removed because it would break one of the universal rules between jumping universe. Granted, when QT probably listed the rules, he wasn’t thinking about this one example. I always thought that Bonnie had a new last name cause she got her divorce from Jimmy. Maybe the name Bonnie is just a symbol he likes for the nurse character. But if chapter 5 is indeed cut, we don’t have to worry about this Bonnie paradox.

Well, Ive been thinking about this whole Wolf/Bonnie situation (pun intended). The whole theme of Kill Bill is Revenge. Now, The Bride, I dont think is gonna give a shit about cleaning up bodies after shes done killing them.

Mr. Wolf solves problems, but what kind of problem would he need to solve in the film? Unless The Wolf has other skills we dont know about. Maybe The Wolf is associated with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in some way? The casino part in which we first see Bill DOES sound like when we see The Wolf in PF. Hes at a casino party too. Well keep your fingers crossed, maybe Harvey Keitel will pop up in the film somewhere.

Bonnie isnt as popular a character as Winston Wolf, Id much rather see Harvey Keitel in the film (as most of us QT fans would) than some new person playing Bonnie. That way, we see that connection to Pulp Fiction. Its a more solid reference.

I agree with Vic on the point he made about The Wolf being a solider reference than Bonnie.

What i would find cool would that The Wolf works for Bill and he needs to take care of the dead bodies that The Bride brings about. I see the Wolf working for Bill much more than helping the Bride coz in PF he was close friends with Wallace. He’s shady and i would enjoy seeing him coexist with Bill.

I believe that Tarantino has something up his sleeve for sure which he purposely didnt reveal in the script coz he foresaw that it would hit the net long time before the movie came out.