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Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Talk about some of favorite moments on conan or talk about who was has recently been on the show.

funny Quotes:

Paris Hilton is now dating a hockey goalie. When asked about it, Paris said, “We have a lot in common. We’re both used to having a lot of rubber coming at us.”

The African country of Ghana defeated the U.S. in the World Cup. Reportedly, everyone in Ghana watched the game on the country’s TV set.

The company that makes Legos has announced that they’re shutting down their U.S. factory and moving it to Mexico. Lego employees say it’s their own fault because they made the factory too easy to take apart and rebuild somewhere else.

First Lady Laura Bush said President Bush wakes her up every morning by bringing her coffee in bed. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton says Bill Clinton wakes her up every morning by sneaking back into bed.

This week, Saddam Hussein began a hunger strike, but ended it after only skipping one meal. When asked why he ended the hunger strike so quickly, Saddam blushed and said, “They had tater tots.”

the best of Conan

my favorite ;D

Conan is the by far the best talk show host. The writing is always good and no matter how bad the guest is, Conan always makes it worth watching. I’m just hoping when he takes over The Tonight Show he brings his writers along and doesn’t sell out to NBC and change his ways.

Anyway, some of my favorite things are:

Celebrity Survey

Pierre Bernard’s Recliner of Rage

Walker, Texas Ranger/Old Chuck Norris movie clips

And obviously, whenever we can get some Triumph on there.

I have feeling when he takes lenos spot he will begin to be 'family Friendly" but I hope not

^ I only hope he stays the same.

Be cool my babies!

Conan’s the best… but I have to admit I liked his show a little more when Andy was on. Those two were great together.

One time they did a “I apologize for…” and the cast would apologize for things they did and then they’d air “flashback” segments. One time Andy apologized for the way he introduced his parents to Conan. They show Andy with his parents and he’s like “here, come in here” and they go into the mens room and Conan is taking a piss at the urinal and they shake his hand. It was hilarious.

Another one of those was when one of his producers said they accidentally moved the star that he jumps on (or used to jump on) at the beginning of the show where he stands to do his monologue. They show a video and Conan’s doing his little walk and is about to jump where his star is usually at but it’s not there so he continues walking and ends up all the way in the parking lot.

I also really enjoyed Andy’s last episode. The beginning when Andy is packing up his office and is about to leave when this guy walks in and says “what are you doing in my office?” Andy just says “Can I at least keep the picture?” The picture was the black guys family. LOL.

andy richter was the funny part of that show. I’ve been watching it for over 10 years now.

Andy ritcher was awesome on the show and show has never been the same since he left. now conan does jokes about max being a pervert and joel taking showers with japanese men…which always gets good laughs

Did anybody else watch Conan’s debut on The Tonight Show last night?

EddieVedderrrrrrrrr (Nick Frost imitation) was on.

YESSSSSSSSSS! Nice Nick Frost homage there! Haha. I LOVE CONAN! Thank Gawd that wanker Leno is gone from this time slot! WHOOOHOOO!!!

yeah just watched it. I hope it will be better than Late Night with…, there were so many bad ones in that show’s run.

The studio is really beautiful. I’m not a fan of Will Ferrell…but I’m a Conan fan.

Was a good show last night. Conan has kind of tamed it down I thought, adding a lot more visual gags than usual with the whole video packaged stuff. However, if anyone can save it, it’s Conebone.

I also watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the first time since it first came on and he seems to have improved a lot. I could be crazy, but I thought he had a really great show last night. He’s a lot less “aww shucks” awkward than he was in that first episode I watched and his back and forth was very good. If I ever get back in the routine of watching the networks at night again, I could picture myself tuning in.

watch it here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.c … id=1116323”></LINK_TEXT>

Can’t wait for QT to promote Basterds. How cool would it be to take a tour on the Universal lot, though my favorite studio is Warner Brothers…but still.

I’m so happy Conan is back on TV!!!

Not a big fan of Jimmy Fallon doing Late Night, he’s funny and all, but he’s no Conan. I’m glad he’s kept his same standard of humour on the Tonight Show, such enjoyable viewing. Has Will Ferrell lost the plot? He was so boring last night.

By the way, how AWESOME were PEARL JAM! Love that new song.

Jimmy’s a different kind of funny than Conan. I think he’s absolutely adorable though. Conan will always be the best. I missed him SO much. :slight_smile:

Yeah but he’s kinda hit and miss at times. Where as Conan is consistently hilarious.

But then again I’m Australian, and American humour can be taken quite differently. Although I looooved Jimmy Fallon on SNL. Him doing the Barry Gibb talk show is my all time favourite sketch.

I tend to find the entire late night formula to be bottom barrel television that thrives on those that enjoy bottom barrel comedy.

On the other hand though did anybody catch Jimmy Fallon’s Fist Bump gag? Not only was it timely it was real too, ya know? Or how about that Dave Mathews GPS gag? Brilliant! Well… maybe if Dave Mathews Band was still a relevant pop culture reference. They even got Dave Mathews to show up and still the only people in the audience who made a sound were three drunk and/or easily amused chicks.

Isin’t Bette Davis awesome?

The way she used to smoke a ciggy.

Oh Conan rocks!

What the fuck is a Bette Davis?

Sounds like some kinda kinky sex act. Is it when a young High School kid sleeps with the creepy old lunch lady?

“Hey’d you hear about Clarence?”

“No what happened?”

"He totally pulled a Bette Davis with that chick that’s always servin’ up the mashed peas!"

Everyone at the table vomits in unison.


But no really, Bette Davis is a legend.