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L4yer Cake

Directed by the producer of Lock, Stock. Anybody seen it yet?

I don’t think I want to watch it anymore. This is Matthew Vaughn’s directorial debut, Guy Ritchie didn’t want to do it because he got involved with “Revolver” and they couldn’t get another director so like a spur of the moment thing, Matthew Vaughn told the company that he was going to direct it (there was a script a cast and everything except for a director) and so they accepted. It is NOT supposed to be like Lock, Stock or Snatch, Layer Cake is more serious and one of the guy s who stars in it said it will set a bench mark for British film making and some shit, and that this one doesn’t even compare to the other two, haha. But my friends said they didn’t like it, but I may just rent it.

Anybody who has the Snatch 2 disc Edition DVD, watch the extra where Jason Statham goes around the set interviewing people, in one of them he talks with Matthew Vaugn and informs him of a complain people around the set were making that he supplied them with the shittiest cheapest biscuits, and that the actors were not happy blah blah, it was really funny, and Guy Ritchie is there just laughing his arse off!

This is out on Reg. 2 PAL DVD, hits the US this summer. I thought this movie kicked a$$. I really enjoyed it. It has the a much more romanticized and sweeping and hardboiled film grammar of Lock, Stock and Snatch minus the comedy… and as for tone its more similar in tone to the Long Good Friday or DePalma’s Scarface. If you went into the movie expecting it to be like Lock, Stock or Snatch and too just laugh you a$$ off and have a good time, you will probably be sorely disappointed… but if you go in expecting a much more serious movie… I think you will dig this. It was shot for $3 mil and it looks like a $50 mil Hollywood production, which is no doubt one of the reasons why Matthew Vaughn was picked to direct X-Men 3. Since this is a lower budget movie… there are a couple of sequences or takes, that I wish were held longer or went on longer… but obviously for budget reasons they couldn’t pull it off.

i think its better then lockstock and snatch , some would say you cant compare. Layer has a different style to Snatch and Lockstock

This is the director who’s doing X3, right?


I tried to add this to my netflix queue but it says it’s unavailable . . .

I really wanna see this!

I’m quite interested in the rise of popular British films and I adore “Lock, Stock” and “Snatch”. They’re just so goddamn slick. Now, seeing something of the same caliber, but without the hard-as-nails, cockney humour would be fantastic