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Kung-Fu Christians

Hey everyone, Joe here with yet another film, "Kung-Fu Christians"

Heres a direct link to the wmv:

And heres a YouTube link:

Heres my full filmography, all films are downloadable (apart from Time To Kill). Theres also around 4 hours of behind the scenes footage located in the Diary section:

Any feedback would be great,

Joe (

Give me another hour for my computer to load and I’ll see the whole thing lol, but from what I DID see- it ws looking pretty good :wink:

Right I’ve now fixed the thingie on my computer and got round to seeing the whole thing.

Overall- really good lol. Weird, zany, like a meth trip, but yeah it was amusing.

Good work :slight_smile:

Cheers dude, its totally off it, like a live-action cartoon, but thats sorta my style :slight_smile:

Quick question- were the backgrounds greenscreen I take it?

You’re right it does have that cartoon quality about it- its sort of refeshing I guess, alot of people here (though admitedly I’ve only bin on 5 minutes) seem to take themselves too seriously.

I’ll have to check out your earlier stuff.

But hey you have read my script- :wink:

Its only fair after all lol

Consider it read :slight_smile:

Yeah it was all shot on greenscreen in my house, shot over 7 hours and edited insisde of 6 days.

Hope ya enjoy our other stuff and I’ll let ya know wat I make of your script :slight_smile:

EDIT: Where is your script?

Its in the screenwriting board- Wombat- it’ll be at the top somewhere

lol don’t expect you read it all or anything

And I’m checking out your other stuff whacks computer I’ll get back to you on that :stuck_out_tongue:

it was ok i dident dig it to much.