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Kubrick 2-disc Special Edition DVDs coming October 23, 2007!

Warner Bros. is releasing 2 disc Special Editions of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut, and a Deluxe Edition of Full Metal Jacket. This is awesome news. I’ve been hearing rumors about this release for a couple of years and it turns out those rumors were true.

I have to say that this year is turning out to be a great year for DVDs.

You can see the packaging and read more here:

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i’d go for the FMJ edition if it has nice extras…

Yeah, already been posted. Very good news.

Isnt there a three disk Clockwork Orange out?

HD and BD details:

Interesting to see all these films are now given widescreen transfers

Didn’t Kubrick say specifically that he didn’t want his films in widescreen? The HD versions are appealing.

Apparently many of his films (all?) were shot in open matte (full screen that is meant to be cropped into widescreen later). However, when the films were released on video he insisted they’d use the open matte versions and not the theatrical widescreen versions. The reason for this was that Kubrick hated the black bars and considered them distracting on small TV screens (note; this was long before widescreen TV’s existed). Therefore they went for the open matte full screen versions which show extra information at top and bottom.

However, there has been comments about some films (especially Eyes Wide Shut) looking better in open matte, and the intended widescreen version having too tight framing…


When Kubrick started shooting his films 1.33:1 it was in direct response to how movies were being modified to fit television screens. He shot his films a certain way and why should he have his films ruined by some techie in a booth? No movies were being shown on television in their proper aspect ratios in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, or during the boom of home video. If I’m not mistaken Janus Films and the Criterion Collection were the first groups to showcase films in their proper aspect ratios and the response to it grew and grew. However, regardless of letterbox/widescreen versions being available, the majority of television channels will air standard versions of films, even now. Shooting his films 1.33:1 negates any of his films, from about A CLOCKWORK ORANGE on, to have to be modified in any way.

its about time, been waiting for the clockwork orange for so long now ;D.