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Kill bill vol. 2 test screening

well… i just saw the movie at the world premier here in austin, tx with QT here himself. it’s great. i don’t know if i’m allowed to say anything else.

You lucky sumbitch! How was it? Details you fool, details!

You better not be fuckin lying. But…HOW WAS IT??

ELABORATE MUTHAFUCKA! points cap gun at your face

You can say, just not too much about the movie itself.

It’s not like Qt and co. Are watching you over your shoulder. Jeez…

Quit dickin around and tell us some more about it! If Aint it Cool is allowed to report on it so early, then i’m sure nobody will crucify you for doing the same.

Well now you’ve lost my faith in you seeing it. :-*

Me thinks someone is an attention whore. ::slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re full of crap. I kind of think the world premiere would be in CA. Sure the film was shot in Austin, but it is a movie, not a Rodeo (No offense.)

well i did. and im sure the news will break that it premiered from a more reputable source soon.

Tell me about Yuki’s Revenge…

How does Elle Driver lose her eye?

How did the chicken cross the road?

This instructor, he is named…

i thought it was pai mei…

[quote]i thought it was pai mei…[/quote]

I thought it was Kakihara… :-/

Ok peoples, let’s ask some genuine questions. Like

What are some well-known songs used in the film? How long is the bitchfight? Is the final fight with Bill lenghty and well-choreographed?

his name is pai mei…

i dont know what yukis revenge is… its not in the movie, my freind who went said that the script was a lot different than the movie.

RULE #1: Space your spoilers out a little bit. I just got screwed over so hard. Shame on you. Shame.