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Kill Bill Trailer Online!

;D finally it’s online! the kill-bill trailer! it’s only available streamin though I bet there will be other version available very soon. Enjoy I know I did:

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Ferryll a.k.a. M²

YES!!! AT LAST!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! (a bit commercial but GREAT!) Fuck real player, fuck media player, I want Quicktime!!!

Thank you Ferryll!

exactly we want quicktime, I hope someone posts a quicktime version real quick.

the quality sucks horse’s dick. we want QUICKTIME. Why is yahoo always faster than apple? fuck them!

spoken like a true prodigy.

well despite the sh*tty quality at least we got some new footage.


GET THIS FUCKER ON QUICKTIME ASAP! I have no idea how many times this piece of shit kept REBUFFERING on my ass!

Anyway, the movie looks fuckin’ hilarious. So much great subtle humor. Everything from The Bride’s escape from the hosiptal to that school bus pulling up and honking! Uma Thurman really pulled The Bride off.

[quote]“That’d be about square…”[/quote]

I’m gonna be first in line at the ticket booth!

Also, did anybody else notice how they made the blood on Uma’s tracksuit black instead of red for the trailer? I’m not the only one that sees this right?

CRAP! I hate streaming video…I will wait until it hits Quicktime…Hopefully that will be soon.

check out AICN’s story about this trailer.

1 hour ago, I went into the AICN chat and started rambling about the trailer and gave people in there the link to it and everybody went totally nuts over it… then I look at the AICN article and they said thanks to some “Hattori_Hanzo” from the chat…

well, guess who calls himself “Hattori_Hanzo” in the AICN chat ;D

I was lucky enought to catch the trailer last night on TV. But this streaming video shit needs to be wiped off the fuckin internet. Give me Quicktime or give me nothing!!!


The trailer looks fuckin awesome!! Its ultra colorful and the film looks beautifully directed by QT: Master of Cinema!!!


This film is going to be another genre classic. Belee dat!!! 8)

[quote]Also, did anybody else notice how they made the blood on Uma’s tracksuit black instead of red for the trailer?  I’m not the only one that sees this right?[/quote]That does the trailer “Approved for all ages by the motion picture accosiation of America!” :wink:

Thanks for posting!! But you’re right, the quality does suck ; and with my pc bein slow and all it was more like seeing a slideshow gallery than a trailer. I hope it does come out on Quicktime soon.

Thank God I have dsl. That trailer was fucking awesome! And that was despite having to replay the first part of the trailer a few times in order for it to kinda cache and avoid turning into a slideshow. After hearing Uma Thurmans begining voice over six times in a row and having the rest of the thing half-freeze up, I felt like putting ear muffs on, but the trailer still managed to totally rock.

Though a lot has been changed, the scenes look just like I imagined them being while reading the first drafts of the script, which certainly makes me look even more forward to this.

Grestest trailer ever made!

Damn, cant wait for it to be on quicktime so I can play it large screen

I watched it about ten times so far

dam i need to see this trailer, I hate yahoo anyways i have a good feeling when i watch once upon a time in mexico KILL BILL new trailer will show up, and a bunch of naysayers not wanting to watch kill bill this movie isnt for u!!

Does anyone know if the trailer will be attached to the Once Upon A Time In Mexico movie? Because I don’t feel like downloading the trailer. Will it be shown at theatres tomarrow when I go there?

I haven’t heard anything about what movies it would be attached to.

I taped it off the entertainment tonight episode, but it has the super irritating Leonard Maltin Narration over it. You couldn’t even hear Uma’s voice over narration, or hear Bud’s lines on the TV version.

is there a way to dload this trailer onto my computer?

I have broadband connection so the trailer looked beautifull (not as good as Quicktime, but still good to me) and I must say I nearly jizzed my pants watching it from the excitement that went through me. It looks like a kickass fun movie.

Although I didn’t like the “hollywood” approach on the trailer, all that fire and shit going around. Reminded me too much of the Once Upon a time in Mexico trailer.

I hope this trailer is attached to Rodriguez’ flick, I’d look so kick ass on a widescreen. ;D