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Kill Bill sequel and prequel talk in here


Kill Bill Volume 3: They call her - THE BRIDE would be a cool name


fuck that shit!!!I’d get mad if there were a volume 3!

the story ended when bill’s heart blew up, which doesn’t leave any room for a sequel

and we already know all we ought to know about the caracters

if we want more, we can imagine it, or figure it out among us, fans…

a prequel would be as stupid as tarantino directing a pre/sequel to pulp explaining what’s in the briefcase



“the story ended when bill’s heart blew up, which doesn’t leave any room for a sequel”

Um…Remember Niki? The Bride said she would be waiting for her to take her revenge. Which is what QT said the sequel would be about. Bills dead and now Bea needs to die IMO. Karma’s a Bitch. Hey…That could be a tag line. "Karma’s a Bitch… and so is Bea!

PS I like the name “Kill, Billâ€


Why isn’t there a “yes” option? This isn’t a very good poll. And yes, would like to see a prequel, an origin story for the Bride in anime, more so than a sequel. If a sequel (Kill Bea, perhaps) is made then I wouldn’t like Bea to die, her character is too good, and Uma must be in it. Maybe she could have near death experiences, permanent injuries, or die for a few seconds (like in Casino Royale), things that are really suspenseful. BB should be the heroine this time.


From the Man himself! Latino Review interview.

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[quote] Do you have any plans for more movies with the characters from Kill Bill?

Tarantino: In the writing of the film, since I’m creating my own mythology from the ground up, I had to figure out that mythology, I had to really figure out what’s going on…in the course of doing that I came up with all these cool stories and all these cool tales and these interesting things that would just bog everything down if I tried to get them across. So now that the mythology is set up, I’d like to explore it in a few different ways; like I have an idea about writing, like I did for the animation section in Vol. 1, is doing a Japanese anime feature about the origins of Bill. How Bill became Bill, you know, and deal with his three godfather’s, Esteban Vallejo, Hattori Honzo and Pei Mei.

And I’ve also thought of the idea of like any other little stories that I might want to tell about the Bride or any of the other Deadly Vipers or anything, I could do as a Frank Miller-style graphic novels or something. But I do have an idea that maybe 15 years from now, doing the last chapter in the story. But it wouldn’t star the Bride, it would star Nikki [Bell], Vernita’s daughter, and she would be the star of it and she would be 20-years-old and I already know exactly what happens to her, how she’s raised and everything that happens, the whole story. I might even shooting some time in the next two years, a couple of scenes while the actors that I’m working with are still young at this age and I can do a couple of scenes and stick them in a vault until I need them. It would be Nikki going out to get revenge on the Bride. Uma wouldn’t be the star; she’d kind of be the bad guy, because the little girl kind of deserves her revenge.

But one of the aspects about that though, and I mean this to my very core, is that I would want 15 years between the Bride having to have another venture because I love her. I want her to be happy, she’s so happy at the end of the movie, she’s got her daughter and everything and I want her to be able to put her sword up and not come up with machinations and contrivances to have it taken down. I think she deserves a happy life after all this time, but she picked a weird life though, so it can come back and bite her in the ass. I want for the next 15 years for her sword to be on the shelf and she lives a happy life.[/quote]

Sounds Good to me :slight_smile: Hope he does the anime and comics sooner than 15 years! I for one think he should have Miller illustrate the comics if he decides to do them.


I like the ideas, but thought the anime in 1 was the least cool part. But hey, I don’t like anime at all, so it only makes sense in my world.


I think the only way it could be bad enough is if it was years from now…with Vernita’s daughter and young Bebe

And it was classic QT, written, produced, and directed


Kill Bill is an awesome movie. But it wont be if Uma isnt the star. If, in 15 years Nikki is the star and good guy, and Uma is the bad guy it just wont be the same.

I loved Kill Bill 1 and 2. My all time favorite movies.


A sequel would be pretty odd, plus, I don’t think it would be called Kill Bill, because he’s dead and all. A prequel would be more fitting, but unecessary. I like Kill Bill for what it is, I don’t think we need to see more of it.


How about Nikki kills Beatrix at the beginning of the sequel. Her martial arts trainer being Elle, who has taken over the DIVAS. Now BB is going to kick both their asses. They could call it “Go to Elle”.


How about Nikki kills Beatrix at the beginning of the sequel. Her martial arts trainer being Elle, who has taken over the DIVAS. Now BB is going to kick both their asses. They could call it “Go to Elle”.
Heh, maybe, but I don’t like it. I find it hard to believe that Elle would somehow find her way to Nikki the way she was left, or survive long enough in the desert, blind, for Nikki to find her. But granted anything’s possible in that universe, it would just seem kind of silly to me.


How about Nikki kills Beatrix at the beginning of the sequel. Her martial arts trainer being Elle, who has taken over the DIVAS. Now BB is going to kick both their asses. They could call it “Go to Elle”.
I’d like to see it


Expect from “The Whole Bloody Affaire” I don’t think we will see more…


Hmm… how about a game that let’s the player decide the fate of the characters? … Ok, let’s say Nikki does try to exact revenge on Bea, with you being able to control either character or BB, but as an epilogue to the rest of the game. The game would be largely based on what happened in the movies. I’d imagine a third-person real-time hack and slash, or hand-to-hand combat game with occasional shooting. But obviously it would have to be carefully overseen by Quentin Tarantino, so as to avoid what happened with that dreadful RD game.


I recall making the poll that got merged later with this thread, and the first oprion was “YES I think so”, now it’s wrong. What would Quentin think if he comes here and sees this. Tsk. Tsk.


LOL! I think there’s a fair amount of people who want to see more of Kill Bill. Wonder who changed that…


Whether you can’t wait for it or can’t stand the idea of it happening, there’s no way in hell there is ever going to be a sequel/prequel to Kill Bill! This is one of those crazy things Quentin comes out with every now and again and then never follows through with it. Think of the millions of projects he’s claimed he’s gonna do next and then they never materialise. I think he comes up with all these crazy-ass ideas when he’s gettin’ high with his homeboys. He’s like…

“woah man, I totally, ok, had another idea for a movie, ok! Vic and Vince are reincarnated, ok, in the bodies of WW2 soldiers who make a swedish porn film ok, whilst seeking revenge for every character ever killed off in one of my movies, ok”.

Seriously though, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve read an interview from him where he describes this totally cool movie that he’s planning on doing next year. Wow! that looks really cool, I so can’t wait for this movie - and then I find out the interview’s from five years ago!


Dude, the KB anime prequel has already been let out… I think we all are thinking it’ll be on TWBA.

But that’s funny that you mention all the “movie ideas” QT has had. Sometimes I wonder if he has hired someone to keep him on the ground.

IB will happen though.


the KB anime prequel has already been let out. IB will happen [/quote]

I ain’t holdin’ my breath!


I ain’t holdin’ my breath!

So negative. shakes head slowly

I just hope we don’t have to wait for the complete Grindhouse set as long as we’ve already waited for TWBA.