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Kill Bill in the Sims!

Check out this guy’s site. His Kill Bill movies are great…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … er_id=1390”></LINK_TEXT>

There are also some sims of Go-Go and O-ren and The Bride…enjoy

HAHA! That GoGo 1 was funny, especially when they started bitch-slapping each other.

I downloaded the movies but…I can’t see them!! :’(

what software do I need?


"I downloaded the movies but…I can’t see them!!

what software do I need?"

I used windows media player 9, they played fine for me.

Thanks! :wink:

I had an older version of windows media player…

Now I can see them!

haha those are too fucking cool! ;D

glad you liked them…I only wish I made them.

Hey guys!

I found a site where you can download free Kill Bill skins for The Sims 2 ;D

  1. The Bride (yellow suit)

  2. Lucy Liu

  3. Lucy Liu

  4. Beatrix Kiddo (“face to face” dress and wedding dress)

  5. Elle Driver

  6. The Bride (Yellow suit)

  7. Bill

    8) Beatrix (black underwear)

  8. Elle Driver

    10)Beatrix Kiddo (in the desert)


  9. Uma Thurman

    HAVE FUN! :wink:


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ght=katana”></LINK_TEXT>


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ght=katana”></LINK_TEXT>

Kill Bill movie poster

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ght=katana”></LINK_TEXT>

The House of Blue Leaves is pretty snazzy. I really want to play The Sims 2 now…

12) Uma Thurman


Haha, this one looks more like Paris Hilton.

Her eyes are pretty screwed up too, like she has just been crying.

It is a computer graphic, MissMia, it cannot be spot on perfect. I think they are outstanding

Yeah that is really cool

[color=purple]kill bill? sims!? there must be a god, two obsessions put into one …i’m never leaving the house

The eyepatch isn’t mine, but I made a proper Elle Driver.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … _id=575521”></LINK_TEXT>

I hope you like it. I don’t think I got the upper lip correct, but it’s still good, right?

Hmm I think she looks more like Uma than Daryl, but nice try.

Glad you think it’s okay.

Here’s a video this guy made: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 711baba083”>,root.1,item.43,item.61,item.23&threadID=02ae1a76c97d57ef8e802ac8f404f133&directoryID=42&startRow=1#0a7a9359c3b532bb903678711baba083</LINK_TEXT>

(it’s the first link you see after click)

It’s well done.