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Kill Bill Double Bill

This was in the Star Tribune. All I can say is “I’m JEALOUS!”


Art house spotlight: ‘Kill Bill’ double bill

Associated Press

July 30, 2004 MSPOT0730

FRIDAY-THURSDAY: Near the finale of “Kill Bill, Vol. 1” (½ of four stars), Uma Thurman’s character steps out of a Tokyo summer night into a rock ‘n’ roll tea house and slices her way through an army of Yakuza goons. When she and her prey (Lucy Liu) step outside to settle their personal score, the restaurant’s garden is blanketed in snow. And the absurd seasonal shift works, because by this time we have surrendered our imaginations to Quentin Tarantino’s dazzling postmodernist mix-tape of Kung Fu, Blaxploitation, Spaghetti Western and animé Greatest Hits. The film is a bravura tornado of bloodshed as our heroine, a Sergio Leone-style Woman With No Name, eliminates her former colleagues, an assassination squad who murdered her wedding party and left her for dead. “Kill Bill, Vol. 2” (*) continues the story as she closes in on head honcho Bill (David Carradine, clearly savoring the role of a lifetime). Tarantino saved the best for last as the deliberately preposterous violence is toned down, character points unfold, a humanist viewpoint emerges and razor-sharp dialogue slashes like samurai swords. Hip, witty, thrilling and brilliantly scored, the films prove that with a big enough injection of intelligence and inventiveness, even pulp cinema can be great entertainment. Now you can see both films together. (Tonight thru Thursday, with “Vol. 1” at 7:15 p.m. and “Vol. 2” at 9:30, plus Sat.-Sun. showings at 2:30 and 4:45 p.m., Bell Auditorium, 17th & University Avs. SE., Mpls. 612-331-3134.)

What city is that?

I believe that’s Mineapolis (Mpls). They dont always list the city or they abbreviate it. If someone lives there, could they confirm it. It would be great for Kill Bill fans in that area to get a great chance to see both 1 and 2 together. Then they can tell us what it was like. So far, that is the closest anyone will get to seeing it as one film. Seeing it one after the other you might be able to see the possibilities as to how this will look as one film.



it is Minneapolis. I’m going tommorow.

Please let me know if they show the “correct” version of Vol 1.

Unfortunately I don’t think it will be the correct version. Although it would absolutly kick ass if it was. What I plan on doing is walking out after the brides speech to Sofie, waiting for the credits to end. Come back into Vol. 2 after the opening catch up thing with Uma in the car at the beginning of Vol. 2.

This way I can see it as one film.

They did that here in Belgium when Volume 2 came out.

It was pretty cool to see 1 and 2 together.

A couple months back when Volume 1 was playing at the $1.50 theater and Volume 2 still in the regular theater, my dad and I saw V.1 and then an hour later watched V.2. It’s not as cool as seeing the full uncut version all at once, but it was still pretty sweet

I went to a double bill a while ago. I fucking loved it :slight_smile:

I just got back. No it wasn’t the uncut version but seeing the film as one was awesome.

On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 9

if it was the uncut version it would have been a 10

I would post a detailed review but I’m at a loss for words. Pretty much read Empires review they’ve got it covered.

I still wanna see KB as one long movie (In a comfy chair!). But to be honest the only time I was swept away completly was between first seeing KB1 and waiting for the 4 ? months for KB2 - I rememebr sitting there with my KB friend and when that music started for KB2, It was like an adrenilene pumped await and I was about to explode. My friend and I were soo figety in the chairs and when the title came up I felt like jumping for joy. The long, painful wait was over. After seeing it…I kinda lost that energy. I still LOVE Kill Bill but I’ve lost that real extatic energy I had when waiting for 2. I hope ppl get what I mean.

Some critics who said the 2nd one sucked, I noticed saw the first one a few hours before hand on a small, shitty tv so they didn’t get into that KB mood. Plus they watch billions of movies so their love for cinema has probably dried up.

Nahh, I still think KB2 rocked. I only say that b/c KB1 is all I can see atm so I’m soo sick to death of watching it on my shit-box.

Hey, Dead Nigga, are you a critic or something? I’m sorry man. lol


or…OR…KB 2 DID suck

i kid i kid

What’s up with this shit right here?! DNS, you must be on some really bad shit or you’re simply stating the possiblities as to why they think KBII sucked.

I think it was a great movie, great dialogues, very funny scenes and off course very dramatic parts.

i bought what i thought was an import kill bill vol 1 dvd off some dodgy korean geezer on the high street thinking it was the uncut import, but when i got home i found it was a boot with had vol 2 on the same dvd (but crappy version that floating on internet)

so i watched them back to back and my god this film is incredible! i loved vol 2 seperate but thought vol 1 dragged a bit, but together it really is amazing, the violence and bad ass attitude of the first totally compliments and raises the emotive and cool pace of the second. also you feel how far shes gone and shes presented as a complete person, making the superman bit way more poignant.

its a shame quentin didnt release it as one movie first off, coz its only 3 hours 40 minus the end credits, and pt anderson always releases movies that long, innit? and kill bill as a whole wouldve have been quentins oscar sweeping glory i reckon, a total epic, emotional, funny, exciting, and since it wouldve been released this year and lotr has finally pissed off it wouldnt have any competition. but then he prob wouldve edited it different like he said, cutting pai mei down etc, so i guess it was lose-lose situation there.

but anyway this might be my fave qt movie now

There was a cheap theater near my house that showed Volume 1 and 2 back to back for $6. It was great seeing them like that.