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Kantoku - Banzai (Kitano finally gone mad) (2007)

"Story: Beat Takeshi plays director “Kitano Takeshi,” who makes a pledge not to shoot any more violent films and to finally produce a box office hit. He tries to come up with movies in different genres, including an Ozu-style drama, a love story, a nostalgic story set in the Showa era, a horror movie, a ninja film and a sci-fi picture. None of them work out and he ends up shooting a tale of a simple man and a needy mother and daughter, but things take an unexpected turn… Billed as a "fantastical comedy."

Production Status: The film was shot in secrecy last autumn. It’s now completed and set for release in June 2007."

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teaser at the official site:

Sounds like loads of fun. I hope this is more the “Zatoichi”-kind of Kitano, you know, the one who does everything with a humorous wink, his rather “hip” side.

But this could be something totally different alltogether. You’ll never know what your up against with a new Kitano.

Sounds like Takeshis’ 2 to me.

Dice, you’ve got to watch more Kitano. I know you don’t care about his yakuza stuff but that’s only one side of him. At least watch Hana-Bi which is partly a crime film and very violent too but also one of the most beautiful movies ever made. A Scene at the Sea has no yakuza stuff or violence at all, very silent and extremely beautiful film as well. I think you’d also enjoy Kids Return (yet another Kitano masterpiece)

Actually right now I AM rather interested in Takeshis’. But I’ll take your recommendations nevertheless, especially “Hana-Bi” has been on my check-this-out-at-least-once-list for quite some time, now. Thanks. You know, “Dolls” may feature some heavily stylized filmmaking, yet it is one of the most emotional and sad and beautiful movies ever done.

Takeshis’ should be the last Kitano film you watch because it’s basically Kitano’s analysis of himself as a director and also a parody of his own films. With a trillion references to his older films. You’ll miss half of the fun if you’re not very familiar with his work.

there should be topic somewhere but I’m too busy to look for it, I gotta go take the dog out for a walk ;D

This movie sounds so similar to Takeshis… Are you sure its not the same movie? And is Hana Bi also called Fireworks? Thats why I love Japanese directors like Takashi Miike and Takeshi Kitano… They can direct extreme movies that grose you out like Audition, Ichi the Killer, Visitor Q, Hana Bi and at the same time they can direct emotional sensitive movies that light up ur heart like The Bird People in China, Dolls, A Scene at the Sea and Kids Return…

Just watched the teaser! Shortest teaser Ive seen in my life! Eventhough it didnt tell me anything about the movie… I LOVED IT!!!

awesome news! I love Kitano! (My 2nd favourite director after you-know-who)

I have seen all his films and Takeshis’ was so strangely different, even for him, but i still like it somehow. i bet this is going to be one wild ride again, looking at the film’s description. I was already thinking he retired or something, I hope he keeps making movies for a looooong time :slight_smile:

Everyone who hasn’t seen



Kikujiros Summer

don’t waste time and go rent them, inport them, steal them, whatever - just go see them.

Btw, while i liked Zatoichi a lot, it is one of his least favourite for me.

Kitano is my third favourite Asian director after Takashi Miike and Chan Wook Park… Then after Kitano comes Kim Ki Duk… I own all their movies available on R1…

“I hope my film’s the only hit, and the rest bomb.�

[size=80]- Takeshi Kitano[/size]

more on Kantoku and further proof of Kitano going mad:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … oku-banzai”></LINK_TEXT>

Full trailer is supposed to be here:

Won’t watch it myself, though.

R2J coming 11/11

There’s action, there’s computer effects . . . it’s the ultimate variety movie from the ultimate cast! What do you get when you cross an Ozu style drama, 1950s Japan, a horror movie, love story, samurai movie, and SF film!? Why the Venetian Film Festival-invited latest work from acclaimed Japanese director Takeshi Kitano! Stars Keiko Matsuzaka, Yoshino Kimura, Kayoko Kishimoto, Ren Osugi, Susumu Terashima, and more. Story: Director Kitano is stressing out after declaring that he will never make the Gang films he’s particularly skilled at. But he still wants to make a hit, so he decides to try out a variety of films . . . only for quit in the middle of each one. However, just as the solution comes to him in a flash of lightning, mankind is visited by a terror like it’s never seen before! Also includes the three-minute short feature “Subarashiki Kyujitsu” shown by Takeshi Kitano at the Cannes Film Festival during the “To Each HIs Own Cinema” sixtieth anniversary event. Includes English subtitles!

and something I had not noticed before, the cast includes the adorable Anne Suzuki. Yeee! Love Hana!

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
Sounds like Takeshis’ 2 to me.

I was thinking the same thing.

I enjoyed Takeshis’ a lot. But as Hung pointed out, most of the enjoyment comes from being familiar with all of Kitano’s previous films. This almost sounds like a whole different story. I can’t wait.

it´s strange how there are no reviews or pics on the IMDB site. the film was in theatres from june 2nd. don´t the japanese know about imdb?

i´ll probably import the dvd soon as it comes out, like i did with Takeshis´

This year’s Venice Film Festival (August 29 - September 8 ) is introducing a new award for directors. The prize is named after Takeshi Kitano’s latest movie, “Kantoku Banzai!,” whose English title is “Glory to the Filmmaker!” It has also been revealed that the first recipient of the Glory to the Filmmaker! Award is Kitano himself.

um, but have they seen the movie yet? if yes, i take it that they like it then. if not, its an honor anyway, but with less meaning.

I have to admit, I really wasn’t a big fan of Takeshis’, and this project sounds so similar it’s hard to get too much enthusiasm going. I miss Kitano’s older work, pre-Brother. I’d love to see him tackle another drama like Kids Return or Kikujiro. Two of my favorite films of his.

I wonder if Kitano would still be able to do a film like A Scene at the Sea…

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
I wonder if Kitano would still be able to do a film like A Scene at the Sea…

he made “A Scene at the Sea” with a tiny budget after both Violent Cop and Boiling Point bombed financially, to secure black numbers. that’s why there’s practically no dialogue in the film.

I would love to see Kikujiro no natsu 2, or something else. but NO big yakuza theme, NO craziness like Takeshis’ or Getting any? and NO Zatoichi 2.

I never cared that much (on Kitano level) for Kikujiro but yeah, no more craziness please. If lack of money was the story behind A Scene at the Sea then somebody please steal all Kitano’s money ;D