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"Just got lucky"

Hey everybody, how’s it going?

It’s my first time posting on this board, but have been reading some pretty cool and fun stuff on it for a while by some of you fellow QT fans, so it’s a real pleasure to take part in this. And just thought I’d share some of my own thoughs here.

It’s about that scene in Death Proof when Butterfly asks stuntman Mike if he’s been following them, and he says, “I haven’t been following you, Butterfly. I just… got lucky”. Now, would you say it was a coincidence that stuntman Mike used the exact same response as Nate’s when he tried to convince Butterfly that he didn’t mean to scare her out on the porch?

I personally think it’s QT’s way of hinting that stuntman Mike wasn’t really in the car when Butterfly spotted it out in the rain. He was somewhere else listening to this conversation between her and Nate.

Sure it’s possible that he just happened to use that same line.

But knowing the genius who wrote the dialogue, I kind of doubt that.

hey welcome to the board, amigo

Isn’t he sitting at the bar right from the beginning? If that’s the case then he could have been listening in on them.

He appeared at the bar a bit later. The girls were there first. And Nate said that while they were outside. I did notice that he said that the same way the first time I watched it. Weird.

hey welcome to the board, amigo

Muchas gracias. 8)