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Just Finished Watching Grindhouse

Unfortunately, its from the internet, but its a cleaned up version and I watched it on my TV, though it was because a) I couldn’t wait for September (where I might not even have any money to go see it), and b) they’re gonna be split, and I wanted to get as close to the Grindhouse experience as I could.

PT - Cool, great zombie film, just really fun to watch. I can’t say I’ve got any issues with it, but still, not as good as DP.

DP - Loved it. I’m glad at the end Mike is all bashed up (shot in the gun, massive crash) before they kick the crap out of him, as it would have been a bit unrealistic as he didn’t fight back, but, it was cool he was all beat up. I’m looking forward to seeing an extended version of this, as some people said, it was bit too short for a QT film IMO. However, still really cool, those first few killings he commits were incredibly brutal, and man I was pissed I didn’t get to see th full lap-dance!

Trailers - Excellent. As everyone’s being saying, Machete would make a great film, Don’t was just fun, as was Werewolves of the SS, but my favourite was Thanksgiving, I seriously loved that so much.

Overall - 4.5/5