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Johnny Depp

Yes, I noticed that when they were singing for about 7 minutes, but still it looked pretty twisted. It’s a must see for me.

Yea, it’s supposed to be super violent. Cannibalism and what not. I’m dying to see it! The release date was the 21st here, but most theaters don’t have it yet. :frowning:

Studio bosses bulked at proposals for TIM BURTON’s SWEENEY TODD movie, because they feared a musical/horror film with no “pop songs” would bomb at the box office, according to the director himself.

The maverick filmmaker struggled to win over movie bigwigs, not least when he opted to cast Johnny Depp - who has no previous singing experience - in the lead role.

But Burton has praised Hollywood for greenlighting such a risky project.

He tells British film magazine Empire, "What’s weird is that they (the studios) are afraid of musicals anyway, but an R-rated musical with blood that’s not based on pop songs, it’s like, ‘F**k!’ “Then it was like, ‘Um, can he (Depp) sing?’ Nobody knew. I didn’t know. So that’s the joke of the whole thing. In a way, that’s the surreal nature of Hollywood, so you have to love it for that because on paper, it’s like the worst idea of all time!”

Plus Johnny Depp is so dreamy…hehehehe

Did I say that out loud?! :frowning:

I was shocked he could sing also. talk about a talent.

He sings here…guy love:

Plus Johnny Depp is so dreamy…hehehehe

Did I say that out loud?! :frowning:

Ahah, you did and you are damn RIGHT :wink:

I saw a lengthy SWEENEY TODD add last night… it certanly looks like a Tim Burton film… hes been refining that visual style…