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Johnny Depp

I’m a Depp fan. I admire his work, mainly because it’s not mainstream work. He tends to pick the off the track roles and does fantastic with them. I’m especially fond of his early stuff, Gilbert Grape and such.

I was just wondering what most of you thought of him starring in Sweeney Todd. Singing and murdering along side big head Helena Bonham Carter. Here’s the trailer <LINK_TEXT text=“ … s/trailer1”></LINK_TEXT>.

Johnny’s one of the best actors of our time. I’m glad he got out of the bubble gum magazines fairly quickly in his 21 Jumpstreet days, because he knew it would kill his career.

I agree. that was the smartest move of his career.

He’s doing his thing…No problems with him.

I actually think he would’ve been movie-star in any era. Including the Silent.

True. Benny and Joon proved he knows who to convey emotions without a single line.

I first saw Depp in Platoon, and he really gave such a great performance for such a small role. I like him, especially in the movie Donnie Brasco and in Finding Neverland. I mean seriously, I don’t think Jaime Fox was better than Depp that year…but whatever.

even though i had seen Scissorhands and a few other films hes in i really only noticed him after Dead Man…

Yeah I really like him. He’ll do a hollywood movie but then he’ll go and do an independent movie.

I adore Johnny Depp and I can’t wait to see Sweeney Todd!

I didn’t like Dead Man. Maybe I didn’t understand the point of the film. I was bored out of my mind. I also didn’t care for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He did a great job, it’s the story that made me uncomfortable. Maybe that’s because the original Willy Wonka really creeped me out when I was a kid.

Other than that he’s an awesome actor! A great talent!

I love him. I think he’s one of the few actors that is surrounded by so much hype and still isn’t overrated. I think in the future people will look back on him as one of a group of some of the greatest actors. The fan girls and boys that droll over him but don’t really seem to actually understand him or good film, but I think he would probably feel the same way. A LOT of his sexiness comes from his talent, not just those cheekbones…

I love him only as an actor. He’s not sexy in real life :-X

He’s sexy ALL the time, even when he should get a haircut and all that. That’s still Johnny :stuck_out_tongue: Plus he’s with a French, he got taste, that I can tell you, ahah.

He’s obviously part of the best actors and hasn’t much concurrence actually. And yeah I agree with Plunderbunnie, he’s one of those few actors really hype but still isn’t overrated.

Everytime I see Johny at some party or recieving some award I’m like “He doesn’t look good, I’d rather watch him in a movie”.

Maybe it’s only me ???

Oh no, I totally understand what you mean. And you’re right. But he cut his hair lately and last time I saw him for some public event, he looked good compared to other times !

He’s really too girlie for my taste. :-[

I never thought of him as a hot guy.

Good actor, though.

I never really found him physically attractive until as of late. but I think he looks sexy outside of movies alot of the time, because I like guys that look kind of eccentric and weird. Although I’m not overly fond of long hair, so I don’t like him as much with that.

Has anyone seen Sweeny Todd? I snuck in last night for about 15 minutes - there was this scene where he sings! It was actually pretty good, I hear he used to be in a band or something. I need to check it out.

I think his band was called P. It was in the early 90’s, when Keanu Reeves was in a band, too.

“P” ? That’s it?

Strong voice though.

there was this scene where he sings! It was actually pretty good.

Sweeney Todd is a musical :wink: