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Johnnie To's Mad Detective

Anybody seen this? What did you think about it, i think it looks pretty good.

It is pretty good, a better gimmick than Triangle [ or Exiled ].

Build like a three-dimensional mystery pop-up book by stratagem. Strolling around in contradictory mood, amusing, hilarious, sad, cryptic, bedlam, strained, spooked, stressed. Slightly confusing in a scatterbrained Running on Karma aesthesia.

hahaha sounds interesting. does it have blood like the blood in exiled were it looks like dust kind of?

A very weird move; Masters of Cinema / Eureka bought this (I think they will release it in the uk theaters first, and on dvd) but I doubt I’ll wait for it.The HK dvd is probably perfectly adequate? I need to upgrade Exiled, though (HK too soft).