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what do YOU think (either post here or answer the schmoe-strike-back at their site)

I dont care how many things QT promotes or has his name on. I say more power to him and THANKS for helping these films get more press. Fuck that idiot who wrote that stupid bitchy article. Hes a schmuck.

If you look back at QT, from the very beginning of his career hes been promoting movies he likes in some way or another. Its not news.

The differnce between Tarantino, Carpenter & Craven is Tarantino only promotes good films…

The only reason Quentin’s name is on there is because Robert and Quentin are huge friends. It’s not for money. This guy is saying that Quentin sold out and he didnt!

QT also helps promote INTERNATIONAL Cinema, not just half ass low budget Hollywood movies that noone cares about. What about his Film Festival? Thats a huge promotion of older movies from all over the world. QT is promotional film marketing at its best imo.

You know, if I was in Rodriguez’s place and be given the opportunity to pay 1 dollar so as to use Tarantino’s name all over the fuckin movie as a promotional push, I wouldn’t hesitate for one second. Besides, as Winslow said, Tarantino publicly talks about movies he loves because he’s passionate about cinema. That writer mentions two speicific movies which Tarantino publicly praised. One of them is Shaun of the Dead. If you look at any dvd cover to Shaun of the Dead, you will find selected quotes on the film from a VARIETY of filmmakers…Romero, Peter Jackson, Stephen King etc. It’s not fair that only Tarantino gets blamed for a thing which doesn’t even make sense in the first place. The other movie QT is accused of praising is Oldboy. Well, I guess it would have been very difficult for QT NOT to express his opinion since he was THE FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE JURY AT CANNES that year. The dickhead who wrote that article obviously doesn’t have a clue on what he’s talking about because 1.)there’s nothing wrong in using a name to legitimately promote your movie and 2.)even if there was, it isn’t QT’s fault that other people are using his name for promotional reasons.

on the other hand, QT should better fucking make as many movies as robert :_) haha

These kinds of things are what you get when owners of websites like Jo Blo (which I NEVER EVEN READ) want to get people to look at their site. They talk about the stupidest BS to get a reaction.

Seb: QT may not make alot of movies, but he hasnt made a bad one yet. I cant say the same for Rodriguez. actually outdoes aicn by far in terms of movie news.

i think the main problem is that people just expect too much of a director who has made 5 outstanding flicks during a time most other director would make 15

Jo Blo may have more movie news, but I never read it. I usually only read AICN and CHUD once in awhile. When Jo Blo puts up articles like that QT one that just further insures that I wont be reading their site.

QT has been making films since 1992, so its been 13 years and hes done 5 great films, plus acted in other movies, done TV, written scripts, held film festivals, etc. I dont have a problem with that. I just dont want there to be another 6 year gap between movies.

6 years is a bit harsh since he had the idea since Pulp in 94’ so it’s been about 10 years. With Jackie Brown in the middle (for which the story was already wrote) but if Kill Bill followed Pulp he would have been fuckin Master Of Cinema . ! Looking foward to Grindhouse, how long for I.B?

I just want good films that I dont have to wait a long time for. 6 years between Jackie and Kill Bill was too long and I think QT himself knew it was way too long. As long as he doesnt pull that stuff again, Im happy.

If he does Grindhouse this Fall (which shouldnt take long to shoot), Id say he’ll probably start IB pre production next Summer or Fall.

I was just thinking about this myself. It’s great that Quentin’s been promoting movies he admires, but it was a little much. Not that I’m bothered, I’d be happy to wake up one mornign and see “presented by Tarantino” tattoed on my ass. But I bought Shogun Assasin on DVD, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that was kind of a well known movie, sorta classic in its genre. So I was a bit put off by the line on the cover: ‘the sleepy time film from Kill Bill Vol.2’. It was like this movie needed the mention in order to make any sales, and it struck me as a bit cheap that they did that. Maybe I’m just wrong, maybe it was planned or if it was just for fun.

I thought that the Hero thing was a bit much. Every time I saw the DVD or an advert I did wonder how many people saw it, assuming it was a Tarantino movie. But it was great that they were getting so much appreciation from mainstream directors. I’d probably never have noticed it so much if it hadn’t been promoted this way. With Oldboy however, I’m happy to say I noticed that one of my own accord.

I do enjoy the way Quentin promotes a lot of older movies. I’ve seen heck of a lot of films I’d never heard of before thanks to him, and it’s enhanced my cinematic experiences fantastically.

Look at this guy’s other posts. “I respected you Mr. Whatever”, “stop lying” etc. I wonder who gives a fuck about what a guy who’s staring eyes wide open at what everyone does, to notice that they’re selling out or whatever. Great article, uber-critic.

Jo Blo Blows.

Robert Rodriguez asked Quentin to direct a seen and its not like Quentin had a choice as to wether or not they put his name on the cover thast was the person in charge of marketing decision.

But I like Joblo alot. its a good site and they post tons of news that dont get posted on other sites, like the Southland script review and they do tons of interviews(But i like AICN better cuz it has more personality and Harry is the man).

In a way I kind of agree with the article, only because it ties way too many things in with the Tarantino name that some die hard Tarantinocrats have no interest in seeing. Ever since Kill Bill he’s become Mr. Japan (not that he didn’t referrence Japan and Hong Kong profusely in his earlier work, just that it wasn’t so overt) and now all the anime/kung fu geeks who probably wear shirts that have cartoon kittens on them and Japanese print reading something faggoty like “understanding” think that they can get in on the Tarantino love. Plus, as a die hard, I don’t like to feel indebted to everything that his name gets put on, just out of principle (i.e. fuck Daltry Calhoun).

So dont see it. Simple. That doesnt mean Tarantino’s name on different things he likes or produces means its bad. Really, who cares enough to complain about this stuff? Its pointless. QT is gonna promote whatever he wants and if his name is on stuff its usually for a reason.