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It would be so great if he did something like this--

[color=beige]For a while now I’ve had this fantasy that, at some point in the future, maybe after his projected date for discontinuing his moviemaking, QT did something like a massive book, like his very own ‘1001 Movies Before You Die’, where he’d just take the presumably tremendous list of his favorite movies, devote maybe a page or two each to each film and turn it into like a guide for what’s cool and what’s underrated and what’s maybe just a personal favorite for him. And he could take a paragraph here and there to pinpoint specific actors/actresses, directors, subgenres, production companies, scenes or sequences in films and expound on them a little, you know, what’s great about them, roles or titles to look out for, and so on. Very similar in format to what I’m talking about is a great book called ‘Defining Moments in Movies’, if QT did a book like that but put his own unique spin on it, focused through his own filmloving perspective, I would undoubtedly be first in line to buy it. Any thoughts?

sure that’d be uber-awesome. if you are 2st in line then I would be 2nd, constantly trying to push you aside to get in your place.

He did say hes doing a book didnt he? He said hes been writing movie reviews on set and at home for awhile now. He must have a ton of great stuff.