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It was fun while it lasted


Well guys, I’m gonna hit the road.


Kilgore Trout


Adios asshead. You finally realized what Ive known for several years.


Did I miss something?


Did I miss something?

Edit: haha, Scarface, great minds…


That was the best gift Ill get this year! :smiley:

(throws confetti)

Did he actually name this topic: It was fun while it lasted?

For who?


Did I miss something?

Edit: haha, Scarface, great minds…

I’m quicker though. If this was a Mexican stand off I would have shot your ass to kingdom come. :wink: :smiley:

Kilgore, you’re gonna feel sorry for this sudden instinctive urge that possessed you to delete your account dude.


wtf, I log in and Kilgore disappears…

No explanation nothing :frowning:

Gonna miss ya man! Take care


wtf, I log in and Kilgore disappears…

No explanation nothing :frowning:

Gonna miss ya man! Take care

What is this? A veteran leaves and another one comes back? This is one weird day.

Nice to see ya back Seth! :smiley:



Whadda ya hear, whadda ya say:

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!

Thanks for the warm welcome 8)


Too bad dude, it was fun debating with you a few days back. If you’re just busy in your life, I hope the best for you!



Ah man! Can’t believe he just quit like that. Us Texans just lost major cool points… I think it’s just me and Biohazard now.

Shit. On a happier note, Welcome back Seth!


[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
Well guys, I’m gonna hit the road.


Kilgore Trout

What? ????

This forum is oficially dead.



And already the archives seems a little less bright…


Think I might dip too. Not gonna go and delete my account or anything but there’s not a whole lot left here to be honest. I mean, the movie forums are all but dead, the politics forum was burnt down by a single flamer who just refused to follow the rules, and the movie making forum (the reason I signed up in the first place) has been pretty much a ghost town for over a year.

Apart from that I really don’t care what everyone’s most recent film purchase was or what music they’re currently listening to and I really couldn’t give two shits about what your pet’s look like. I mean, how did this place even devolve into such a beacon for such mindlessly competitive materialism?

So after four years I think it’s time to move on. I’m not saying forever but for awhile anyway.


I know the goddamn materialism in here is horrendous!

Anyways, Hasta Lasagna Dex!! We’ll all miss you.


Woowoo… Why is everybody leaving ? Did I miss something ?

I hope you’ll be back soon Kilgore, I’m sure you’ll be, signing up with a new username… PM me whenever you read this to explain me what happened…


yeah funny how everybody complains about troublemakers and when they leave they say its boring. hello, this is a tarantino forum, if talking about tarantino’s latest movies isn’t something you’re interested in, then fine, but don’t call it “dead”, coz it’s not… i dont get all this leaving and saying goodbye. i dont think anyone cares about these goodbye messages anymore, we’ve seen em a million times.

i hate seeing people leave, but really the only people who suffer from that are the people leaving…

sometimes i’m thinking “cut off all the off-topic stuff and see what happens”, maybe more people would sign up then, coz the place would no longer be dominated by all these flame wars…

i love movies, i wanna talk about movies, everything else got nothin’ to do with Tarantino. there’s gonna be set reports by myself, and tons and tons of cool shit coming up. wanna be on the inside, or on the outside, people? think about it


I am a memeber of another forum that is related to the work that I do. It actually has more activity on the off-topic stuff than the stuff that’s about why we’re all there. Sometimes it is fun to talk about things wtih people who are into the same things as you are even though you’re not talking about the thing that brought you all together. I guess it would be like Brad Pitt and Jack Nicholson talking about the Lakers while they are sitting next to eachother at the Oscars. What’s so bad about that? Don’t get me wrong, anybody who draws attention to himself because he’s quitting is a loser, but let’s be realistic here. If all people talked about at a Johnny Depp forum was Johnny Depp it would be pretty lame. I’ve had the time to look over this forum and I see a whole bunch of topics that don’t have anything to do with Tarantino, and they’re all pretty cool topics. I’ve noticed members who are into Kung Fu movies, Asian Cinema, and Photography. Surely they can talk about those topics and have absolutely nothing to say about Tarantino. Can’t they?


Thats entertainment related. Thats why we’re here. Sports is entertainment related. Politics and Religion are separate kinds of subjects. They happen to cause alot of conflict with people as we’ve seen. I think Kilgore even got pissed off at people who were trying their best to be polite to him like pantsman. I think he just decided his loudmouth rants werent getting him anywhere and he decided to leave finally. Personally, I thought Kilgore was a major asshole who came in here for the wrong reasons from the start. I think the first thing he ever said to me was some kind of insult. Not a good way to start things off in a forum.