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Is there any film school that dont have straight As and Bs people?

Just wondering because on my report card i get like As Bs and a couple Cs

where do u live and whats ur gpa?

I live in Ohio and I get like 3.001 and some where around there

You shouldnt have any trouble getting into most schools with a 3.0

As for schools, i dont know what you want to be, a director, actor, writer or whatever.

thie site, has info on every college in the US. hope that helps.

Save your Money and Time, Do what Quentin and many others have done go to:

Also you have get a DVD version of the school for only 389.00 <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ts_id=2541”></LINK_TEXT>

if you know what you’re doing they should accept portfolios of your work above grades.