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With every DiVA,The Bride would have this rage vision and Ironside would begin to play. Why is it that this did not occur with Budd or Bill?

She didn’t have time with Budd…he shot her before she could do it

And with Bill…who fuckin knows…maybe because she knew her revenge was almost complete that it didn’t matter anymore

She had plenty of time for Budd,when she was looking at him pulling up in the truck. I think she didnt with Bill because BB off set the whole thing. Made her revenge mode go kaputszki.

No, because when Budd pulled up she was under the trailer with a ninja mask on in the middle of the night. So who knows if she even saw him at all

I noticed that too. But I have no idea why. I might be remembering wrong but doesn’t she have those flashbacks before she kills someone? Perhaps she didn’t have it with Budd because she didnt kill him. Then I donno about Bill. Hell this is all off the top of my head.

But Ironside kicks ass.

Well she sort of had it with Elle and Budd together when Elle was going in the trailer

I think the fact ironside plays when elle is walking towards Budd’s trailer counts for both of them. But as for Bill, i’m not sure - maybe because BB was the one staring her in the face rather than Bill?