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I think it is exploitation but dont ask me what genre it fits into.


Reefer Madness is a 1936 propaganda film revolving around the tragic events that follow when high school students are lured by pushers to try “marihuana”: a hit and run accident, manslaughter, suicide, rape, and descent into madness all ensue. The film was directed by Louis Gasnier and starred a cast composed of mostly unknown bit actors. It was originally financed by a church group and made under the title Tell Your Children.

The film was intended to be shown to parents as a morality tale attempting to teach them about the dangers of cannabis use. However, soon after the film was shot, it was purchased by producer Dwain Esper, who recut the film for distribution on the exploitation film circuit.


Glad to have this review on there, but you gotta do a switcheroo with the main title. FREAK not FEAST! (Although a Blood Feast review should get added soon)

I was thinking about this too. The earliest Grindhouses got their starts with Drugsploitation,Nudie Cuties, and Sex-Hygiene films. FREAKS and REEFER recieved the midnight-revival treatment, but I don’t know about their history on the Grindhouse circuit (Unless Midnight Theaters are included)

OK, I fixed it to Blood Freak.

I think it would make sense to add the old exploitation films like the ones you can watch on the Something Weird DVDs. I’ll add a Classic Exploitation Reels (which will cover all the subgenres: Nudies, Roughies, Drugsploitation, Sex-Hygiene etc) section for those. I dont want to go past 1985 though.

I think its pretty well set up, we’ll have everything from the old 30s, 40s, 50s exploitation to the early 80s. Thats plenty of films to cover Id say.

Review: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … er_Madness”></LINK_TEXT>


Found some double posters on here that you can put in the poster section:


Theres some good ones on there.


Yeah I guess your right but Im loving some of these posters! ;D


Ill look through em all and maybe grab a a couple. I think most of these arent posters, theyre newspaper clippings. I coluld def pick the nicest looking ones and out them on the site.

Those lists of grindhouse films also give you an idea of just how many movies there are to cover. Tons!

NOTE: Theres some really awesome ones in here. Gotta use them on the site! :slight_smile:


For the record, I like to keep my reviews absolutely spoiler-free, and reveal as little from actual content of the movie as I can. This may result in the review being vague, but I think it would be best that if you watch a movie after you read a review about it, everything you see should still feel new and unexpected to you. I think the review should only give you an idea what the movie is like, so you can decide if it’s up your alley.

Violence in a Women’s Prison

OT: Violenza in un carcere femminile

Dir: Bruno Mattei

Starring Laura Gemser


This was my first “WIP”-experience (Women in Prison). If this title is supposed to be a good representative of how a movie of this genre should be like, I think I’m gonna skip most of them. Although I’ve read that the american ones (like Caged Heat) are better.

The plot: A good looking chick (Laura Gemser, who occasionally forgets to act in this one) is imprisoned in the world’s toughest female prison. There, the superiors like to frequently abuse their powers. The prisoners have to work inhumanly hard, are always yelled at, get nibbled bloody by rats, and of course become sex slaves.

Now it may sound fun and I was hoping it would be, but the film is neither funny, nor a case of „so-bad-it’s-good“ It’s also too over the top and unrealistic to work as a prison drama. The erotic scenes are way too tame for a modern audience, and not even half-decent chicks are in sight, with the exception of Laura Gemser.

I think this movie is best suited for naive and immature teenagers. Naive enough to believe that a prison like this could maybe excist in reality (Nobody asks about the „missing“ prisoners who get killed every year), and immature enough to take joy in watching Laura Gemser during a physical.

The movie not sleazy or hardcore enough to be exciting. With some exceptions, the physical violence portrayed doesn’t rise above your average barfight. The occasional fights between inmates and the guards is neither funny nor dramatic, just stupid. Oh, one fight includes a bowl of feces, which gives a nice touch to the standard crowdfights portrayed. You just know you’re watching a cheap italian exploitationer when a fight involving excrements is on the „redeeming qualities“-list. It’s not all bad, though. Some scenes, like an escape attempt or the torturing of our main character are interesting to watch. Some scenes are even intense and brutal, and could work if it wasn’t for the other 85 minutes of the movie.

There are many many more worthwile exploitation expieriences out there for you. Skip this one.


Yeah I guess everybody has their own style of reviewing films. Some of my reviews are basically play by play of the film (wiki type) and others are more vague and shorter. I guess it depends on how much I want to write on the day. Since Im doing more work on the site itself, I probably wont write reviews as long as I used to.

The old " bowl of feces" trick!!! lol! I also lmao “get nibbled bloody by rats”.

Hopefully you wont hate every WIP film you see. Maybe try The Big Doll House or Big Bird Cage next.

Review: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 27s_Prison”>’s_Prison</LINK_TEXT>


I’m think I’m going to open up the site this week to a few “programmers”. That way you guys can start posting your own reviews and edit them how you want. If it goes well we can let more people in.

I would like to have a set review format which looks like this:

  • YouTube trailer (if available)
  • The release year
  • Distributor (theatrical not dvd)
  • director
  • stars (optional)
  • taglines (optional)
  • Link to poster art
  • screenshots (optional)
  • Film review (signed/dated)
  • DVD box cover/retail link (if available)
  • Categories (DVD/Reviews/Genre)

    Thats about it. You post your review and add a link in here. Easy as pie! :slight_smile:


Go back and see who said what. If you think Im in the wrong, tell me. I kinda think Mikes being a bit of a know it all.


and the pot calls the kettle black!


Lets keep the personal stuff in the other topics. This is just for film reviews from now on.



This is an perfect example of the kind of film that could never be made today. Freaks also known as Nature’s Mistakes is a film about sideshow freaks with actual sideshow acts to be in the film. Freaks takes place with a woman named Cleopatra who is a trapaze artist who kind of likes of playing mind games with Hans(an sideshow midget) and makes his wife Fredia extremely jealous but after learning that Hans has an rich fortune she marries him then poisons him for the money. While Hans is sick from being poisoned but everyone else thinks that he is gotten because he drank to much one of the other sideshow acts overhears what they are planning and so he tell the other “freaks” what is happening, this explains why all the freaks are looking at Cleopatra and Hercules(her lover) for. The sideshow acts all come at them(even the guy with no arms and legs)and they all attack. Hercules is obviously killed and since Cleopatra hates anyone who isn’t “normal” she is turned into a freak.

Freaks is a very brutal film for the 30’s, infact it was so brutal that it ruined Tod Browning’s career forever and is still banned in parts of the world today. Freaks is a classic exploitation film that gets in your face and keeps you on the edge of your seat to the every end.

By Me 9/24/07

Tagline: Can a full grown woman truly love a MIDGET ?

Poster:<LINK_TEXT text=“ … poster.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>


Director:Tod Browning

Genre:Classic Exploitation


Add this the to Deliverance page: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 117&sr=1-1”></LINK_TEXT>


I was talking with a friend of mine who is now 45 years old…he was a kid when Grindhouse movies were actually being played in grindhouse theaters. According to him, any movie that was played in a grindhouse is a grindhouse movie. Any movie made after the grindhouse theaters had all become extinct is not a grindhouse movie.

Is this correct? I’d like to hear Pete’s answer being that he probably knows more about this subject than anyone else on the forum.


Most Grindhouses played the low budget exploitation/porno films. There were some mainstream big studio films playing in Grindhouses too. But those arent usually regarded as “grindhouse” movies. To me, there IS a difference. Thats why Im not adding stuff like Jaws, The Exorcist, The Godfather etc.



so with that said, a newer film like Halloween 4 wouldn’t be a grindhouse movie?


See this is why Grindhouse didnt do well in the box office(no offense) cause some people just dont get what it is.


What my friend said was that the grindhouses were theaters that were just above porn-theaters. They were in parts of town where they would get enough traffic to be profitable, but they could only afford to show the lower-budget films that we call “grindhouse”. He said that they would occasionally show a more mainstream film, but that it was rare. He also said that the theaters catered to a niche group of people who these movies appealed to and that there were very few of these theaters even in a larger city like Houston. I don’t think that anybody knows 100% of the story because I have heard and read a bunch of different definitions of “grindhouse”.


Found some more trailer dvds for the site:

(click for larger picture)


Well you might be right kilgore


Cool! Thanks Me!

Ive only heard two definitions of Grindhouse:

  1. Theaters that showed (mostly) double/triple features of exploitation/porno and some mainstream films.

  2. Burlesque clubs.