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I am so excited that it is a box office success not that it really matters, but just to shut the QT haters up.


it does matter. It ensures Tarantino his creative freedom.



Saw the film, LOVED IT. Im gonna see it again tomorrow.


Yep, its good for QT AND the Weinsteins.

It must be the most unconventional blockbuster I’ve ever seen haha


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’Basterds’ Trivia: Harvey Keitel’s Uncredited Voice Cameo, Adam Sandler Was Supposed To Play The Bear Jew

[i]Two final-ish words on Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” which did some impressive numbers this weekend and according to some, will completely salvage the Weinstein Company’s woes despite the fact that TWC is splitting the profits in half with Universal.

As IFC’s Matt Dentler said recently on Twitter, “At the end of the day, a Weinstein brothers comeback is good news for the specialty film business,” which is totally true, and hopefully the case, but those popping the champagne corks seem to be on some premature happiness.

We digress. “Inglourious Basterds.” Did you notice Harvey Keitel’s uncredited cameo as the American O.S.S. operator who agrees to Col. Hans Landa’s (Christoph Waltz) conditional terms of surrender to Brad Pitt’s Aldo Raine character in the third act? We first noticed and noted this at Cannes, but then were 100% sure when we saw it a second time. Surprised no one has really mentioned it yet. We second-guessed ourselves for a second after screening two because Bo Svenson (from the original “Inglorious Bastards”) has a final credit as American soldier, and we thought possibly it was him (were our ears totally wrong?), but then we realized that Svenson played an American soldier that was killed in Eli Roth’s “Nation’s Pride.“

Speaking of Roth. Adam Sandler was once offered a role in ‘Basterds,’ last year, but had to turn it down because it conflicted with the “Funny People,” shooting schedule. At the time it didn’t really occur to us who he might play, but on further reflection it seems obvious. He was supposed to play Eli Roth’s Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz character; he fits the build and description and there’s no way Sandler would have played one of those lesser Basterd soldiers that get next to zero screen time.

”[Tarantino] said, originally, I’m thinking Adam Sandler would be great for this, and I thought it would be so great to see Sandler as a badass, beating Nazis to death,” Roth told Esquire. "And I know he can really do the Boston accent. And I said, ‘Quentin, did you know I had a baseball bat in my car growing up?’ I mean, that’s a real Boston thing. You have a baseball bat and most of the time you use it off the field. He said, ‘No, I just thought of it.’ It was just something that just came to him, something he was in tune with. Over the years, he had hung out with me enough and heard enough of my Boston stories, and he said, ‘Now when I’m writing Donowitz I’m starting to hear your voice.’ So he hinted that he was thinking about having me do it.’ "

Well, Eli, it sounds like Quentin put the offer out to Sandler first, and then you got the gig. Sadly, we [ed. or I] totally would have preferred anyone but an obvious non-actor in the role (and ditch that Omar Doom kid as well).

Also considered for roles were:

  • Simon Pegg was supposed to play Michael Fassbender’s role of the British Lt. Archie Hicox, but had to drop out because of his “Star Trek” role (Fassbender originally auditioned for Col. Hans Landa, but Tarantino had already cast Christoph Waltz).
  • Obviously Nastassja Kinski and David Krumholtz were said to be in talks for roles, but they never panned out. Update: Kinski was supposed to play Bridget von Hammersmark (it’s in our original reporting, we’re running too fast), which makes sense because Diane Kruger told the New York Times in a video interview that another actress was supposed to play the part. Who Krumholtz was supposed to play is just speculation, but our guess: PFC Hirschberg (that role eventually went to Samm Levine in a very downsized version of what it was on the original page, poor Levine).
  • Catherine Deneuve apparently turned down the role of Madame Mimieux, as did Isabelle Huppert who was apparently up for the role and then quit-fired or something close to it, but the role went to Maggie Cheung and was cut out of the film regardless.
  • We also heard from a very good source at Cannes that German actress Alexandra Maria Lara auditioned for Diane Kruger’s role, but didn’t get the part, obviously.

    Most of our original casting picks are still our favorite (naturally), but we’ll admit people like Michael Madsen and Tim Roth don’t fit now with the younger age casting Quentin eventually went for, but obviously none of us knew that at the time.[/i]

    Check out the original link to get links to other interviews/articles.


It’s good to have The Playlist bookmarked.


Since I just come back from holidays for a few days, I wanted to catch up all thenews I missed on the website. They alway shave great stuff. And I’m reading all those news about IB. I’m posting them as I’m reading them. Hope you enjoyed it.


Not sure we had a topic for the misspelling title cause I didn’t check out this section much before I saw the movie. I just remembered something like QT saying it wrote it so cause it’s the way Brad Pitt pronounces it with his accent.

Bu there again, what The Playlist says about it :

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From The Playlist :

Melanie Laurent Laments Loss Of Maggie Cheung Sequences in ‘Inglourious Basterds’; Explains The Missing Scenes

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The Cannes Cut vs The Final Cut

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Really interesting to read what added and deleted.


Remember Lee Donowitz (the awesome Saul Rubinek) in “True Romance”? The slimy Hollywood film producer of the fictional Vietnam war film, “Coming Home In A Body Bag”?

According to a Q&A last night with Quentin Tarantino in Austin, Texas, post-“Inglorious Basterds,” screening, Eli Roths’s character Sgt. Donny Donowitz is his father. Quentin obviously loves his universe character connections and you’re probably aware of many of them. This is just the latest.

(Sorry if those posts have been posted already, it doesn’t seem so though)


yeah they must not show dis-respect to any country especially Europe :smiley:

I have also not watched the movie yet. But, still i want to watch it so i can criticize more :stuck_out_tongue:

peace out~


saw the movie for the first time last night. great flick. is that one character from the american version of the office (plays Ryan on the office) tv show. he looks just like him, if it’s not him? I really enjoyed the movie, do you think there will be a follow up sequel




Saw it the first weekend it came out and I’m still raving about it. It’s one of those movies that is just so great that it sticks in your mind forever. Many people are criticizing it for being so forward, but that’s exactly what he was going for! People need to start appreciating great movies when they see them :slight_smile:


I love this movie, I’ve watched it 23 times already.


I have been reading through a lot of the post here and one thing we have to remember is the the typical German soldier was not an evil person. He just had to follow order like any other soldier and a lot of them did not like what was going on but were afraid of being killed there selves. Now the officers on the other had, were just power hungry and did not care about anything but themselves and what they could profit from.

As for the guy who’s picture is here…I think he has a great James Bond look…lol


Fuck Off!


i was able to watch this. it was funny nad nice. hahaha


I think your misreading it. The article is basically saying that all the Germans in the film are evil, which puts the country in a bad light. I don’t really agree with it, but that’s what it says.


don’t talk to much… if u just watch, u can change anything


Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino are facing a possible reaction to come to their Bastards World War II film Inglorious, which depicts violent attacks against German soldiers.

Tarantino remake of a 1978 Italian film - would Pitt stars as Lieutenant US Army who leads a group of American Jews fell into Nazi Europe in revenge.

A quote from the script leaks, obtained by The New York Post, reveals Pitt’s character barking of the soldiers: "Every man under my command owes me one hundred Nazi scalps, and you all git (get) 100 Nazi scalps me, taken from 100 heads of dead Nazis, or die trying. "