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Inglorious Bastards shooting this fall

the signs are getting stronger (see some other posts in other topics), but I just got something in the email today that sounded all the more interesting

in my own words:

Italian journalist Marco Giusti (co-organizer of Venice Festival 04) write in the forums, that during Cannes, QT and him had dinner with the cult-actress Edwige Fenech. Q swears that he starts shooting at the end of September, he is now finishing the screenplay. No talk about the cast yet, but there is a role for director Enzo Castellari[/quote]

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so… the rumors are losing their rumorosity

Let me be the first to react to this and say: HELL YEAH!!! I hope this film is QTs all time masterpiece. I cant wait to hear who he casts!

Lets cross our fingers and hope the script editing goes smooth and the pre production begins asap! 8)

Brilliant news. QT’s 6th feature film, hopefully his best yet. Everything is pointing to it.

keep my fingers cross it get off the ground

I think I’ve just had an orgasm.

(edit: Yep, definitely an orgasm!)

Just glad to hear of something going on…I hope its good.

I wonder if it will end up as one big film or get the kill bill treatment… mabye itll become his true Magnum opus…

One 10 hour movie I think

If the shooting is really starting this fall, I gotta find a way to know more about it, about the locations and the contacts and all. Is Quentin really shooting in France ?

If I can get some names of the contacts, or if some of us can, I’ll try to contact them. I almost went on the Marie-Antoinette (by Sofia Coppola) shooting with all the names I collected. They finally proposed me to come very late when I had to pass my highschool degree (unfortunately). But this time I wanna do better with QT.

if he shoots in France or Europe in general, and if I am not busy with something, I’ll certainly come to the set, and I’ll take you with me as my assistant, Lili

You sure have to ! There’s no better assistant than me, plus I’ll translate everything for you ;D

He might not be shooting it in France. It could be Spain or even the Southwest USA.

Very true. I am just praying for some more confirmation. A first-draft completion is hardly a finished script.

How many of us really think he’ll have it all done by Cannes next year? crosses fingers If anyone could do it, it’s him.

did he say next year? I don’t think so, maybe he said “next time” (for him) or something. it’s not realistic to have a ww2 epic ready next year… more like 2 or 3 years

Well anyways Seb if you get a chance to see QT in Spain, def make sure to ask him whats going on with it.

It’s coming out in Cannes in 2009!?!!?!

Wow, I was thinking like 2011 at the earliest. Good job Quentin. Less party more worky.

Yeah, I’ve read on like three different sites that he was quoted as saying Cannes '09! Let’s hope!

Maybe it’ll be the first installment, and he is planning on splitting it up. 600 pages of material to sift through and cut out is a lot. I don’t see him cutting out more than 100 minutes if he’s really proud of it.

did he say next year? I don’t think so, maybe he said “next time” (for him) or something. it’s not realistic to have a ww2 epic ready next year… more like 2 or 3 years

Yeah, he said “next year” BUT I do think like you, he meant more “next time”, which means in two years to be more realistic. That’s what I announced in my previous post. I watched this specific show before I posted and I was quite realistic and didn’t believe next year, in 2009.

Lets just let this go for now. This speculation shit drives me nuts. We should just take this as QTs moving forward with the project sometime soon in the future.