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Images I created one full moon


Wow, the Kill Bill poster looks awsome, maybe even better than the original!!

I love the one with Gogo “Kill Bill”.

Cool work.

Have you done stuff like this for the other movies?

This is basically my first go ever.

See, my friend who does these kinds of things all the time gave me his program (Paintshop pro) and I finally figured out how to do stuff like this. It’s bloody painstaking (when someone like me has no idea and keeps stuffing it up) to do, and takes ages…but it usually works out in the end…My ego has been lifted from you two!

My friend mainly does “movies” with me and him in it plus he airbrushes some of our friends and makes them look like they belong in fashion magazines etc… They’re not bad…(If I can find them on my email I’ll post them)

I think you should do more! If it is your first work, so you can develop your abilities more and more!

And hey do me some stuff with Resdogs ;D

no prob. I’ll give Dogs a go.

Know where I can get some large/good quality pics + scenes from Dogs???

Divas one coming up in like 2min…

stay tuned.!

I asked Dark Eclipse, if can´t do with ResDog the same cool screen shoot stuff like he did for KB. But he said, he hasn´t the DVD…

Maybe an other one can make such cool stuff… or Dark Eclipse buy it! hehehehe

That was your first go at making those?? They look great, you should definately keeping working on them so your talent can grow!!

I used to use paintshop pro for my Graphics lessons in High school, its pretty good!!

Anyways, looking forward to seeing any of your future works!!

Yeah, that’s some nice shit … keep up the good work!

One word: NICE!

thanks everyone.

I’ve lost the plot and need some new ideas or requests…

I’m still working on some ‘Dogs’ ones…still trying to find some good pics…but all good things come to those who wait.

BTW - CPS: Didn’t get my cardboard cut out…damn that to hell!! oh well

You can always go on with PF - if you’re fed up with doing KB I mean. Some nice stuff on Vincent and Jules is always welcome :wink:

Wow, I absolutely love the Kill Bill poster. Great, with Bill, Pai Mei, Gogo and the Deadly Vipers and of course Bea on it. Great work, much better than the original one! Has something exploitative :slight_smile: .