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IFC's Anniversary special

The Independent Film Channel is airing Dogs throught this month and before the film starts, they’ve added a half-hour special devoted to the movie and it’s impact.

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Nothing much has been added that many of us already know, but here were some highlights:

Eddie Bunker gets a new interview. They show one of his mug shots (Not a bad lookin’ bad boy in his prime either)

Eddie says that originally there was supposed to be a scene where we see Mr. Blue’s death (During or around when Brown gets it) but due to time and money, the scene was scrapped.

Hilarious interview with K-Billy. We never see his face. Just a picture of a radio speaker (Fittingly) as he’s talking about his role in the movie.

And among the interviewees are the SUICIDE GIRLS. Which Nicely provided us some clips of their live-show which re-inacts the famous sequence

Oh…I don’t know why I called it an Anniversary special. Oh wait, IFC’s celebrating it’s 10th run this year. There you have it!