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If YOU Made The Kill Bill Soundtracks

Welcome to the topic where you can post your own personal KB soundtracks. Since theres so many bonus tracks, and so many tracks that could have been replaced. And even some more witty dialouge that could have been used. I was wondering if any members could create a better or just a style of a KB (Volume 1 or 2) soundtrack? Heres my idea for a KB Vol.1 soundtrack.

01.Bang Bang

02.That Certain Female

03.Party Prima

04.Truck Turner

05.Queen of the Crime Council

06.Police Check Point

07.Run Fay Run

08.Green Hornet Theme

09.Battle Without Honor or Humanity

10.Wound That Heals

11.Woo Hoo

12.The Grand Duel M10

13.Nobody But Me

14.Hattori Hanzo Speech ("I have made a oath to never make a sword…"

15.7 Notes In Black

16.I’m Blue

17.The Lonely Sheperd

18.You’re My Wicked Life

You should get the picture, now you can post your own.

My Volume 2 Soundtrack

01.Goodnight Moon

02.Bill & Budd (“Your Telling Me She Cut Her Way Through…”)

03.Dies Area M9

04.Il Tramonto

05.Tu Mira (Edit)

06.Sumertime Killer

07.The Chase

08.The Legend of Pei Mei

09.L’ Arena

10.Three Tough Guys

11.A Silloute Of Doom

12.About Her

13.Theme From A Fistfull of Dollars

14.Trully and Utterly Bill


16.Urami Bushi

What do you thinks?

Both films together mine would be…

Disk 1

  1. Oden to Oren Ishii (Instrumental)
  2. You’re My Wicked Life (skit)
  3. Day Of Anger
  4. Johnny Cash A Satisfied Mind
  5. David Carradine and Uma Thurman - the Legend of Pai Mei (skit)
  6. Pai Mai theme
  7. Hanzo Speech (the oath)
  8. The Lonely Shepherd
  9. Death rides a horse (theme where the bride confronts Oren in House of blue leaves)
  10. The Flower of Carnage
  11. Woo Hoo
  12. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
  13. Twisted Nerve

    Disk 2

  14. Bang Bang
  15. Il Mercenario
  16. Ironside Full verison
  17. Queen of the Crime Council (skit)
  18. The Grand Duel
  19. For A Fistful Of Dollars theme
  20. Tricks are for kids (skit)
  21. Goodnight Moon
  22. Battle Without Honor or Humanity
  23. David Carradine and Uma Thurman - Truly and Utterly Bill (skit)
  24. Bill theme
  25. Uma Thurman - A Few Words Form the Bride (skit)
  26. About Her

I like the soundtracks the way they are. The only things that could have been added are (all the songs not put but played during Movies) and the following.

Vol. 1:

The Doors - Break on Through

Franz Ferdinand - Matinee

Vol. 2:

Metssie - Boom Boom Ba