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If Tarantino Died Tomorrow

What do you think the movie of his life should be like? Should it be a violent hommage to his own films, or a solemn biopic? Who should play him? There are literally dozens of different ways that you could take this topic… just explain what you would like to see in a movie of his life.

Personally, I think that he should be played by Roger Federer… the resemblance between the two of them is ridiculously uncanny. If Quentin got into a fight and broke his nose, they’d look EXACTLY alike. :slight_smile: Here’s a pic of Roger below:

If they couldn’t get Federer to do it, maybe they could ask Sara Paxton… if she were dressed in drag, she could actually pull it off. ^^ There’s her pic:

Uhh… freaky topic

If there was to be made a movie about Tarantino it should be a documentary. I would’nt like to see someone ‘pretendting’ to be Tarantino, he is unique. And since you’ve seen him in so many tv-shows and making offs, no one can pull it off

yeah a documentary would suit best I guess. made by scorsese and rodriguez

I don’t really think that it’s creepy… everyone dies at some point. And I’m pretty sure that with the amount of death he deals with in his movies, Quentin knows that better than anyone. ^^

I agree with the documentary thing… and I know that no one could really pull Tarantino off unless they were the best actor ever. But you have to know that there’s gonna be some shitty TV-movie made about him. ^
^ TV Execs, along with everyone else, seem to be running entirely out of ideas for movies, and jump on anything they can if it has enough material. We’ve already seen movies about the whole Enron scandal and about Martha Stewart, so I’m sorry to say that this is probably ineveitable.

I’d like to see a movie made about this topic.

Haha!! ;D right clicks and saves

It would have to be a fucking entertaining documentary. Somehow, as much as I think it would be hard for someone to play Tarantino, I think that a film about Tarantino would have to be spectacular. I would love a documentary with never before seen information and made in an entertaining fashion. Although anything about Tarantino would entertain me, I wouldn’t want to see a mediocre documentary about Tarantino after the man dies. I wouldn’t mind a fucking awesome biopic to the extent of something like Walk the line.

well then maybe we would see a good film for once that makes any sense.

^^^ Hahahah

Did that guy get banned or did he leave?

He got pwned!

Tom Arnold as QT. The Videostore years ala Clerks!

I would be sad if he died tomorrow because I was voted most likely to shoot Quentin Tarantino in High School. Its always been a dream of mine and I would hate to see my dream die. I dont want to look like a fucking loser who couldnt do the one thing in life he has always talked about doing. Hope to see you soon QT! Youre my hero!

I agree it should be a documentary. But, it has to have a lot of information that we don’t know about. I hate watching documentaries of people’s life and there is nothing new.

[quote=“Voodoo Yubari”]

Personally, I think that he should be played by Roger Federer… the resemblance between the two of them is ridiculously uncanny.


Dude, I don’t see it. When I even first saw the pic I wondered what it had to do with him. It’s not uncanny at all.

I was thinking about this one awhile ago and I thought If I was making a biopic about QT Id pick Joshua Jackson to play him. I think he could pull off a young, super energetic QT well. I’d want someone who reminds me of QT a little looks wise, who could imitate his physicality and personality.

Marv from Sin City looks alot like QT, he should play him.

Actually Richard Kind from Spin City looks a lot like him! ;D

He even moves like him and has the same body mass :2funny:

There’s your next movie - “Twins II”

Richard Kind? Hes older than QT and he doesnt even look like him. Why not cast Jack Nicholson as QT? Thats would work. lol.

What are you talking about, look at them they look exactly the same!