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IB Leaked Script compared to the IB Shooting Script

I don’t know if this has been talked about before, but, to those of you who have read the IB script and really know QT’s movies, judging by previous QT scripts that you’ve read and saw the movies. How much does QT’s scripts change from the script that you read to the actual movie? And by that, how much do think QT will change the IB shooting script as compared to the leaked script? Will there be much difference in the way IB the movie is on screen as to the leaked script?

Well there was a massive difference with the Kill Bill script, obviously becuause of the split. But I think it might change considerably, all shooting scripts eventually do. If you read There Will Be Blood, there is a substantial portion toward the end that was rewritten also there were a lot of scene that were filmed, yes, but left out of the final cut. The script is almost 180 pages long that’s roughly 3 hours and 20 minutes of film, that’s quite massive. But yes, all scripts change, this or that scene doesn’t work while shooting it so they try something else, it always happens.

What I did notice in Pulp Fiction is that the entire Brett scene in the apartment changed, it was a minor set change, because originally Vincent got the briefcase from under the bed, so those kind of small changes occured. And in Jackie Brown there was a scene where Ordell visits a warehouse full of guns, and etc. So most of the changes are usually set changes. QT is very precise in his storytelling, so if anything does change it will be minor. I also can’t explain all the grammatical errors, but who gives a shit, right? It’s a screenplay not a novel, he’s no trying to be Mark Twain with it, it’s really just a bluprint for something bigger - which is a film.

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