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I wish to get The Horror on big screen

Instead of publishing, I posted my story here. I believe Tarantino would make a great director for this.

I’m not sure if this is the correct location to get the word out, but it seemed as good a place as any. Hopefully somebody will see my story and think, “Hell, this would make a great movie!”

ok. this is super long. and it’s not in script format so it’s gonna turn some people away from reading it. learn to write in script format if you want to make a movie. there’s a free program everyone seems to like called

“Celtx” here’s the url

Here are some articles on script writing and a great webpage to teach you some info.

The Screenwriter’s Handbook by Syd Field

now from what i’ve read, there is some promise. you’ve got action, some interesting characters and you can write.

Just get it into format and more will read it. This should have been posted under screenwriting.

I don’t think Tarantino spends time on the internet searching for unproduced material. . .afterall he is a millionaire, with millions to spend on hot models and sweet cocaine, made in South America!

Real constructive post you got there Biohazard…I’m sure Dolnar will get a LOAD of mileage out of it…

Read the story, liked it, had some really nice characters and situations but like roulette said, its gotta be in some kind of script form. Don’t worry too much about the EXACT DETAILS of the format, just change the current layout into something you (or someone else lol) could actually film.

At the moment its a cool short (?) story, you’re obviously a talented writer- use that talent to wow people with a punchy, well thought out script.

Great stuff though man.

And once you’re done send it out- I mean here is a good place to get feedback and what not, but actually send that script out to studios, set up meetings, present your story. Get people listening. But to do this it has to have SOME sort of script format. Go to it buddy! :wink:

I could’nt read it. The text was too small and hurting my eyes.

Like everyone else said if you want it to be a movie it needs to

be in screenplay format but, if you want people to read it at all

you should at least put it in proper paragraph form. What you

have there is just a big clump of words.