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I Roybertitos!

Would anyone be so cool enough to translate this video for me? I will owe whoever does BIG TIME!!

…please…? :slight_smile:

aahmm… really you want traslate that video, it just so stupid.


That’s the point, actually.

LoL - I fucking love Doctor Tran.

I was bored today so I tried to translate it as I could (Spanish is not my mother language) but anyway I translated almost a half and then I was too lazy to continue, in addiction I don’t know if you still need it. Anyway here it goes:

A Mexican restaurant where you like having dinner. A respected man who’s been respected by all generations of your family. Visit us today to enjoy our speciality from Robertitos: El Dr Tran Quesadilla Supreme, he’s the world’s greatest action hero and now he has his oun quesadilla.

(In English) I’m not the… wait!

Can you smell this celestian smell? Where is it comming from?

(The guy) I like the food very much!

(the fat guy) Dr Tran is the most badass form of quesadilla!

Visit any Robertitos and order a quesadilla, a rice, a drink and you’ll get “tran-atize” for only 35 centavos extra.

(in English)Does anyone speak my language?

The ones who can’t see the taste can hear it and the ones who can’t hear it - see it. We offer you a service for a smile…

(can’t understand what he’s saying here).

Wait a minute, do you have a diabetes? Then we have a bean cup for you!! Look how they eat it! They’re really eating this shit!

And so on and so on…