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I recently introduced "Death Proof" to two young ladies

…and they LOVED it! But gosh, did they sure hate Stuntman Mike! lol.

I love Death Proof. It’s not only one of my top five favorite movies of all time, but it is also my favorite Tarantino picture. I recently went back, & watched it again with these two female friends of mine. One is 18, the other is 19. They’ve never seen Death Proof before, never heard of Kurt Russell, or seen any of his movies. Anytime I present a favorite film of mine to people who have never seen it before, I feel almost like it’s my movie because I love watching their reactions.

I’m 27, so I’m almost ten years older then my two female friends, & I am a huge Kurt Russell fan. He’s one of my favorite actors, & I grew up on his movies, & I was very happy & proud to introduce the greatness that is Kurt Russell to a new generation. He played a very memorable & unforgetable character in Death Proof. I’m really happy Quentin Tarantino asked Kurt Russell to add the “Stuntman Mike” character to Kurt Russell’s rogue’s gallery of characters. No one else would have been better. It was PERFECT casting. This was one of those roles Kurt Russell was born to play. He really returns to his roots in Death Proof. He plays a bad-ass character that’s a little bit like a hybrid of Snake Plissken & Jack Burton.

My two young female friends were both really into the movie, & were generally disturbed & terrified by Stuntman Mike & his actions through out the film. It made me very proud to be a Kurt Russell fan. I was almost tempted at one point to bring up to them that Kurt Russell use to play the hero in many action movies back in the 80’s, but I didn’t want to spoil their illusions of the Stuntman Mike character. If they wanna hate/fear Stuntman Mike, that’s okay because Kurt Russell & Quentin Tarantino aimed for that kind of response from people, & as huge fan of both of those men, I should not ever attempt mess up what they were going for. :slight_smile:

I have a few Death Proof posters in my room. My 19-year old GF bitterly asked me, “Why does HE get to be on the front cover”. lmao. Referring to Kurt Russell, or as she saw him, Stuntman Mike. I told her it’s because in a lot of horror movies, the killer is always on the cover.

I’m happy that a lot of people from the current young generation will always remember Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike in the same way a lot of Kurt Russell fans from my generation will always remember him as Snake Plissken & Jack Burton. No matter what kind of reaction Kurt Russell gets out of people in his movies, rather it is a positive or negative reaction proves that Kurt Russell is a great actor with a wonderful look & voice, & has gotten a strong & intense reaction from a lot of people with his performances through out his amazing acting career.

Anyhow, I’d love to know if anyone else here has gotten a director’s joy showing one of your favorite QT movies to those who have never seen them?