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I just saw Metallica the other night

I caught the second show they played here in Chicago on Tuesday night. It was my third time seeing them but probably the most exciting too. The arena was packed and probably got about 20,000 people. Metallica played with so much energy it was just an incredible experience. James sounded great and I was really impressed with Lars. Kirk was badass as usual as was Rob.

They played a good setlist too. From what I remember…

Ecstacy of Gold (always open with that)

That Was Just Your Life

All Nightmare Long


The Day That Never Comes

Harvester of Sorrow

Sad But True

Enter Sandman

Nothing Else Matters


Master of Puppets



Fight Fire With Fire

Seek and Destroy

I’ll be seeing them in about four weeks. Cant wait, I last saw them touring with the black album so I’m looking forward to them playin stuff from Load, Reload and ofcourse Death Magnetic, which alongside …And Justice For All and Master Of Puppets is my fave Metallica album.

That’s cool, man. I’d like to see them live, but I don’t do well with massive crowds anymore.

I saw them twice in Paris. Memorable.

The first time, I nearly died, pressed against the barrier (?), and I nearly became deaf. And Kirk made a mess of Nothing else matters’ intro.

The second time, there weren’t any subways anymore, so I with some friends slept in the street like tramps.