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I just finished my second screenplay

I just finished my screenplay and I’m only 18.


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i just finished my screenplay and i’m only 16. it doesn’t really matter how old you are you know

Im in midst of my seventh screenplay and im only 16. Big deal.

Why not post some stuff, if it’s good then you got me impressed…

im 18 and i can ride my bike all alone

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I am 28 and I feel like I’m surrounded by kids.

As my English teacher once said:

Mozart was 5 when he composed his first symphony.

No writer ever got famous at the same age. It takes experience to write well.

Personally I think that holds true for any form of writing, be it poetry, prose or screenwriting.

Now I don’t mean to discourage people, I know from personal experience that it is a good feeling to get something finished BUT

A) quality is better than quantity although with practice comes improvement and

B) your work is good if others tell you so and not because you concluded it is a masterpiece.

I’m 21, and I’ve only actually completed 1 screenplay.

I don’t consider a completed first draft a completed screenplay.

What’s your point. You’re not proving shit unless yu decide to post it on these boards to see your “talent” as you seem to suggest that you have. Charlie Kaufman has wrote like, 5 or something scripts that have been made into decent movies, and he’s in his 30’s-40’s. So he’s actually done more than you will at the rate you are going.

My sister wrote two plays, one being awarded the Scholastic Gold Award in Dramtic Writing beating tens of thousands in the same classification. She’s done mroe than you, and she was 18 at that particualr time.

Thanks for passing yourself off as a complete moron, (whic you might not actually be) because it was fun writing this post. :wink:

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Im in midst of my seventh screenplay and im only 16. Big deal.

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im 5 and i just composed my first symphony!!! jus kidding

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